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Whether you need to detoxify the body, release stress, or you have other health issues is not the point. Simply lying on the Biomat will promote a feeling of wellbeing for a healthier body and mind.

Home users can now easily set up their Biomat to self-regulate the temperature and time that works best for each person, receiving a profound deep penetrating results in the comfort of their own home.

Clean Language

Clean Language was created by the late David Grove in the 1980s as a precision toolkit for exploring clients personal metaphors.

He utilised it in the clinical therapy, working with trauma. But it turns out that Clean Language provides helpful methods to all professional communicators, including academic researchers, IT professionals, school teachers and many others.

Clean language methods are aligned closely with the principles of understanding and empathy, directly opposed to traditional ‘manipulative’ (unconscious or conscious) techniques of persuasion or influence and the projection of any self-interest.

Thus clean language promotes improved communication in terms of expression and clarity, neutrality and objectivity ease of understanding and co-operative relationships.

Bio Energy Field Photography


New Energy Vision is a new piece of software which reveals patters of interference of light at and beyond the visible spectrum and identifies energy dynamics as they work. It works using the principle that when a photon of light travels through a subject’s energy field, it is slightly altered by the energy it has passed through.

Our eyes can see with both changes of amplitude and colour changes. Dark light gives off small amplitude changes, and a bright light gives off larger ones. With colour changes, our eyes see the waves that are longer in length as red, and the ones that are shorter in length as violet. Interference between the wave patterns occurs when the human body, which gives off specific frequencies, interacts with surrounding light energy producing interference colours and patterns.

The presence of energy imbalances often shows up before the client is aware of the, and this information is highly beneficial for the health of the subject. Health/wellbeing is indicated usually with lighter colours and balanced patterns, whilst congested energy patterns will be darker and are usually distorted. 



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