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Providing Professional Reflexology & Lymphatic Drainage Services, to the People in Hurstville.

Lifeworx Massage - Reflexology & Lymphatic Drainage


Reflexology is a holistic, powerful and non-invasive therapy. It is based on the principle that reflex points on the feet, hands and ears relate to the internal organs and systems of the body.

By stimulating these points, our qualified therapists are able to improve physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It is recommended for people with asthma, insomnia, diabetes, poor circulation, low immunity, migraines, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy, stress and tension. It also increases energy levels and encourages hormonal balancing.

Lymphatic Drainage

It is a gentle treatment used to encourage the natural circulation of lymph through the body. It relaxes the nervous system and helps the body

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Lifeworx Massage has been operating since 1996, and with the clinical expertise of 5 qualified remedial massage therapists we offer a high level of care.

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