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Light for the Journey



Servicing area: Adelaide city, Adelaide hills, Interstate, International

Light for the Journey

"Every session is unique as every soul is unique and what an individual needs changes constantly along their soul's journey."

Light for the Journey - Healing Methods

Soul Path Therapy

Soul Path Therapy highlights and removes the issues that are blocking an individual’s path to spiritual growth. Every session includes tapping into the knowledge and energy from Divine Source to bring a profound understanding of your soul’s intentions for this incarnation. Doing this also brings about happier, healthier relationships and emotional freedom.

Sessions include the channelling of spiritual guidance. I work in the aura to release negative energy that is caught in cellular memory from this current and previous lifetimes. Using detached relaxation and remembering we can alleviate past stresses, programs, blocks, and negative patterns.

Past Life Therapy

I use guided regression and clairvoyance to assist you to recall previous life experiences in a gentle and safe way. I access the Akashic records with assistance from spirit guides in the 5th dimension. You will not re-experience the trauma of the past – all that is required is the connection with compassion for the soul’s different experiences across lifetimes. We release all negative imprints and ties, to provide freedom and clarity in this lifetime and re-awaken previously-held talents.

Soul Path Readings

Soul Path Readings channel divine insights to do with your soul’s path of evolution and its relationship with your current situation. Readings concentrate on the profound situation of your life and your spiritual journey. They are especially beneficial when you are at a crossroad in your life or if you are feeling stuck.

Readings can identify

    • Emotional blocks
    • Divine gifts and potentials
    • Spirit guides
    • Psycho-spiritual conflicts
    • Past lives

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