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Light House Counselling & Therapy WA

Hansi Yasaratna

4 Dumant La

Light House Counselling & Therapy WA

Hansi’s role as an Integrative Counsellor is to journey beside those who are at a juncture – those who have temporarily lost sight of the direction of their path – who are feeling disoriented, confused, hurt and afraid of moving forward.

Light House Counselling & Therapy WA

About Hansi

Hani’s practice provides professional therapeutic care in an understanding, compassionate, supportive, and respectful environment whilst also maintaining confidentiality and abiding by an ethic framework.

Hansi firmly believes in working collaboratively with clients to challenge and minimise negative beliefs, behaviours, and emotions that can be contributing to your current issue(s). With patience and professionalism, Hani strives to help you to develop a positive mindset and help you to set and reach goals that will bring new awareness. This process will create fresh and healthy perspectives, which allow and empower you to move towards a prosperous future.

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