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Lighthouse Life

With Spiritual Healing & Past Life Regression you will receive a sense of empowerement that can not be matched with any other modality! 

Spiritual Healing & Past Life Regression

Phobias, emotional issues, fears, physical conditions and unexplained disturbances in behaviour that you experience now, in this lifetime, can sometimes be explained by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma from a past life.

Past life regression is able to heal these conditions.

As you lie within a crystal mandala, I will gently help and guide you to unblock and release cellular memories, past and present trauma, negatives energies and entities and interference from other sources.

This journey can bring about a deep sense of understanding, about where you, as a soul, have come from and empower you to continue on the right path.

A little note from one of my clients…

"Cherie facilitated for me, an inner journey which has been like no other. From this inner journey, I saw the blocks my soul had been against. The spiritual healing allowed me to release completely and open up to support and nurture from my guides. This allowing has also filtered into relationships, which have never felt better even 6 months down the track! 

I felt nurtured and guided through some of the biggest epiphanies on my spiritual journey. "
E. Sternberg, Mona Vale 

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