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Lily Mackay Kinesiologist

Lily Mackay

Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Lily Mackay Kinesiologist

Supporting and Transforming, your emotional, mental and physical health


Lily is a qualified kinesiologist and intuitive healer who is passionate about helping others on their journey and committed to a path of change and transformation. Initially drawn to curative movement and energy healing she now finds her alignment with energetic kinesiology. She is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and participates in ongoing studies in the field of kinesiology & holistic health.

Lily Mackay Kinesiologist


About Lily


I was first introduced to Kinesiology back in 2012. I was 31 years old at the time and not too happy about returning to Perth after a couple of years living abroad in Sweden. It already felt like a lifetime of searching and seeking for my place in the world. My body and mind echoed this sentiment. I had explored diverse careers and healing modalities, become a mother at 23 & lived in different parts of the world.

I'd studied, travelled, Lovvvved and lost.

Looking back, I realise how broken I was. I had lost my faith in life and thought I may never find a calling that could bring me a sense of satisfaction or encompass the heart of who I am and what I have to give to the world. Like so many intuitives or ‘introverts’ in our era of social media and externalisation, I was floundering.

Having a daughter and being a solo mum, I was also juggling conflicting needs and desires.

And. so. very. tired.

Body, mind, heart & Soul.

My health was suffering too, the kind of physical illnesses that are hard to diagnose but you just know, deep down, are created by your own powerlessness to move, change, or embody who you are truly meant to be.

​Sometimes from rock bottom, in the muddy waters, we remember who we are

​I only had one way to go. I quit a financially comfortable job and signed up for 3 years of study so that I could graduate as a professional kinesiologist. I really had no idea how much it would challenge me, and that in order to go up I also had to go down many times over. It felt like an ongoing heart surgery of the metaphysical kind. However the beauty of this struggle was that I had found my energetic language and my body responded with joy. Through the study of kinesiology and a determined commitment to my own spiritual journey I found the alignment with myself that I had been searching for.

​Everyone is so very different and our systems have unique ‘ defaults programs ’.I know mine has taken many years to decode and understand. However kinesiology makes it possible and is a constant source of divine empowerment.

​I am now 100% committed to the path of change and transformation and from both a spiritual and working perspective, kinesiology is the most fulfilling career path I've ever experienced.

Life presents us with many challenges and opportunities to align with our purpose.

Yet sometimes we can have all the best intentions in the world and still be stuck.

If your like me, you will devour every new book, teaching and concept but still feel unable to shift, on some level, the frozen or stagnant energy. A trauma, an ongoing stress, an unconscious belief, a limiting idea, a toxic relationship, or a burning emotion, we all have them. These ties that bind us to the past hold us back in our present and impact our future. Kinesiology, with its integrated science of healing, will reach these blockages held within your cells, muscles, memories and energy systems and gently whisper your truths.

It can be both comforting and confronting, gentle, or deeply hidden. Sometimes you already know what your body telling you but sometimes its covered in an elaborate mask or story. Kinesiology will only ever show you what you can handle and are ready to hear.

Our wellbeing is the most vital piece of the puzzle in our lives and it requires connection. No one can do this life alone. We all need a reassuring hand of support, each and every one of us, to walk through the different chapters and challenges of our lives.

This is the ultimate gift I give to you.

The Space of Kinesiology


Kinesiology is a holistic approach to healing the impact of Stress in our lives. Blending western physiological science with eastern healing principles it integrates emotional, mental physical and cellular levels to restore balance and wellbeing.

​Kinesiologists use a gentle form of muscle monitoring to locate areas of stress and imbalance within the body. This biofeedback via muscle response creates a direct link to your subconscious patterns and emotional / mental state.

Restoring balance where there has been stress – allows the body and mind to heal itself.

Kinesiology can promote healing in a wide range of health issues not limited to the following:​


    • Unhealthy Stress levels


    • Anxiety


    • Panic attacks


    • Depression


    • Allergies


    • Headaches


    • Sleeping issues


    • Learning difficulties


    • Coordination problems


    • Lack of Focus / concentration / motivation


    • Muscular tension / physical pain / back pain


    • Grief and Trauma


    • Low self esteem / self worth


    • Relationship problems


    • Addictions


    • Emotional shock


    • Low energy levels


    • Hormonal imbalances


    • Menopause & PMS


    • Adrenal Fatigue


    • Feeling unwell


    • Digestive / gut issues


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