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Annabel Holder-Brown

Annabel Holder - The Lily Pond Day Retreat

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Annabel Holder - The Lily Pond Day Retreat

Servicing area

Daylesford, Ballarat, Ballan

Focus areas

Chronic pain Coordination Memory Emotional wellbeing Joy Lifestyle

Come visit us at our property in central Daylesford with stunning views over trees, lakes and of course the lily pond.

Come and visit and enjoy some of our new therapies including massage, life coaching, aroma touch and of course kinesiology - increase your energy & reduce stress - overcome learning difficulties - reduce stress and tension - improve your health - achieve your goals


Annabel is an accomplished and compassionate Kinesiologist. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Health Sciences/Holistic Kinesiology and , as an Educational Kinesiologist Instructor, her expertise includes Studying at Kinesiology House, Carlton saw her receive an Academic Excellence Award for her work. A wonderful communicator and listener, her work across Victoria brings a high degree of professionalism to her craft. Annabel uses a variety of techniques and healing approaches and her ability to connect intuitively with patients' concerns complement her greatest strengths; considerable personal life skills and experience and a heartfelt empathy with her clients.


Kinesiology is gentle, non invansive and suitable for people of all ages. it is a system that links traditional Oriental (Chinese) ideas of energy flow found in acupuncture with Western-style muscle testing. The idea is to bring about balance within the body by removing stress that blocks the system.

The beauty of kinesiology is that it works with the body's ability to self heal. A Kinesiologist will look at your whole system and identify blocks.

Due to personal stress and confusion many people are unable to identify the source of their distress. It is at times like these that people literally feel 'blocked'. This 'blocked' feeling sometimes coincides with fatigue, migraines, sleep disturbances. anxiety, learning difficulties and numerous other symptoms.

With the help of kinesiology a person is able to access their body's own innate wisdom, thereby opening their heart/mind to the healing process.

Kinesiology has the ability to unlock our true potential.


If you want to take the best possible care of yourself you will enjoy kinesiology. Just as it is important to exercise, eat well and rest so to, is to pay attention to the day to day wear and tear that stress and our modern lifestyle can cause on our body/mind. Physical/Mental and Emotional wellbeing is all part of staying well and making the most of your life.

Through kinesiology you can experience less tension and pain in your body. Enjoy greater energy, coordination and mobility. It will help you think more clearly, aid in concentration and help you cope with stress and change. Leading to greater enjoyment and quality of life.

    • Learning Difficulties including spelling, memory, concentration, reading, maths etc
    • Behavioural Issues and Co ordination
    • Chronic Pain and Back problems
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Sleep Problems
    • Relationship Issues
    • Stress Management
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Digestive complaints
    • Allergies
    • Irritable bowel
    • Over thinking
    • Negative thoughts
    • Fears and phobias
    • Emotional trauma
    • Emotional eating and weight problems
    • Work stress
    • Just feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life
    • Eye sight problems
    • Achieving your goals and living your full potential


"This was the first time I had experienced kinesiology. I wasn't sure what it was or what I was in for. What I discovered was there are many dimensions to me and when I was with Annabel she created a world in which everything and anything was possible. Kinesiology and Annabel empowered me to see myself, and my life clearer and to overcome my fears and past events that had been holding me back. After each session I felt closer to being the absolute best person I could be.
I would and have recommended it to anyone who believes they are worth it. I now have a better understanding of what kinesiology is but I am more grateful to have met Annabel who has shone that extra bit of light on my life. Thank you." E.N Hadden, Victoria

"I find Annabel's kinesiology the best therapy for strengthening, grounding, eliminating stress and envigorating the body, mind and spirit."
Paige H, Moama, NSW

"Annabel showed me that issues I thought I'd dealt with and moved on from, where still exerting a huge influence physically on my body. I'm liberated emotionally, and am physically well on my way to good health after ten years of chronic fatigue. Thank you Annabel."
Dorothy G, Numurkah, Victoria

"This difficult to describe system, has been very benefiicial for both myself and my ten year old son, especially for spelling, writing and self confidence.
Annabel is very instinctive, caring and respectful of her clients.
It is one of those things you need to experience to truly understand."
K. Piercy, Ballarat, Victoria

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