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Experienced Kinesiologist addressing core issues, trauma, allergies, nutrition, life purpose. Over 38 yrs practice in the Healing Arts. Skype sessions available

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Byron Bay Kinesiology-Spiritual Healings-Readings-Counselling

My 37 years as a trained health practitioner and Kinesiologist differentiates me. Clients say they’ve worked on such a deep level and that is what has allowed them to make powerful positive and lasting shifts in a short time.

As one of the most experienced Kinesiologists in Byron Bay, I work with clients locally and globally, regularly witnessing them experience profound changes within one session.

As a skilled and experienced Kinesiologist, Lin  works with her inner guidance, her psychic abilities and her intuitive skills. She assists you in facing areas of self-doubt, shame, guilt, blame, fear, giving-up, seeing the patterns you’ve adopted from your parents, your peers, your ancestors. See what motivates you and how you sabotage yourself.

“I support you to transform your beliefs though acceptance and sourcing the richness of your Inner Self.”

 “Although Lin works under the umbrella of Kinesiology, it is not so much the techniques that are transformational, it is her compassion, intuition and her ability recognize the subtle nuances of your thoughts and beliefs and assist you in seeing these, so that you can make new empowering choices, that encourage hearts to open restoring balance and healing.”

Transform Cellular Memory

Lin has practiced in Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and London and brings previous training and experience into what she offers.

90mins - Emotional issues $165
2hrs - Emotional, Physical, Nutritional issues $180

Do you need to feel safe with someone you can trust?

Is your life not working the way it used to anymore?

Do you feel a deep sadness?

Is there still trauma related to an accident or physical abuse?

What about panic attacks, feeling bloated, having headaches?

Maybe you get constipated or experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Do you have allergies to foods like wheat, gluten, cheese, coffee, dairy, sugar?

Would you like help  with your nutrition?

Would confirmation of the time of your birth assist you?

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Byron Bay Kinesiology-Spiritual Healing-Readings-Counselling

Gifted healer, 41 yrs exper. Kinesiology-Counselling, Chakras, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Group Leader, Shamanic Kinesiology Workshops, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Inner Self Guidance Cards Creator. Online sessions available For more information, please click the services below  Kinesiology | Healings | Readings | Guidance Cards | Workshops | Tours

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Byron Bay Kinesiology-Spiritual Healings-Readings-Counselling