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Linda Cairns - Mind Body Wisdom

Homeopathy is a type of medicine that will bring about profound and significant changes in an individuals emotional patterns, resulting in changes in both the emotional/mental response as well as physical changes in the body.

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Linda Cairns - Homeopathy

How does it work?

Here at our Gold Coast Naturopathy clinic, Homeopathy is able to work based upon the principle that like cures like and activates the bodys innate and natural healing abilities. It highlights all of the symptoms contributing to ill-health as ones of imbalance within the individual and that it is the individual who requires some treatment, not the disease. It is a perfect and effective tool for mind-body healing and works directly upon an individuals core vitality and essence. Homeopathy can remove feelings of grief, develop confidence, soothe anxiety, balance any mood swings, bring impulsiveness under your control, reduce fear, alleviate signs of depression and is able to improve a range of physical symptoms.

What happens in a consultation?

Throughout your consultation with me I will collect as much information that I can on what is occurring in your life, how you are currently feeling and focusing on your current behaviours and patterns. This will help me to develop to the correct remedy for you and your individual needs. Once this has been determined, the remedy is made from clear drops that are to be taken by placing them under the tongue.

The Remedy

The remedy works on your core, at times changing things subtly, at times making incredible deep and significant changes. Many individuals report that their symptoms seem to melt away, especially emotional ones. Even long standing negative patterns can be broken down, so you do not have to relive any traumatic experiences and events to heal and to reach your specific goals.

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