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Your Exclusive Coaching Opportunity
with Lindsay Ostrofski

Life Coaching and Counselling

To successfully deliver the results you desire in life I am offering three Precision Coaching and Mentoring Programs. These are called Personal, Premium and Ultimate.

It is best to think of your Precision Coaching and Mentoring Program as having a full time employee giving you guidance and strategic advice to optimise your life experiences. It is like having a business partner working with you all the way. The only difference is the business is your lifestyle.

Each option varies depending on your desired outcomes. They all contain a variety of services to best facilitate your personal transformation and the expansion of your results in life.

Your Outcomes:

Our Precision Coaching and Mentoring Programs will build your skills and capabilities while delivering the following sustainable outcomes:

  • Increased self confidence in personal and business life
  • Increased self esteem across all areas of your life
  • Getting the life lessons to help you move forward in life
  • Permanent change relating to negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
  • Reconnecting with your authentic self
  • Dealing with self sabotage
  • Effective and profitable utilisation of your personal resources
  • Living in the present moment using the wisdom from the past experience to focus on tomorrows goals
  • New values and systems to deliver your goals and dreams
  • A results focused mindset
  • Profound levels of contentment and much, much more!

My System:

My Precision Coaching and Mentoring Programs are targeted at the effective implementation of successful lifestyle strategies, help, personal development abilities, self confidence and self-coaching techniques to help create permanent change in your life.

This will be delivered utilising a synergised approach to personal transformation guaranteed to unleash your true potential. I use a variety of accelerated change techniques, energetic processes, motivational strategies and personal coaching and mentoring systems to empower you on your personal journey.

I will be focusing on anything from emotional issues, limiting beliefs and ineffective values systems to self and harmonious relationships.

Depending on your needs your sessions can include modalities such as:

  • Results/Life/Performance/Personal Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neurological Re-patterning
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Energetic Processes
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Plus many others


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