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Lisa Conde Wellness Therapy

Depression Relaxation Wellness ...
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Feel Good

Get out of your mind and reconnect with your body

Are you overwhelmed, over-stimulated and exhausted by your world and the world around you?

What would it feel like to just BE for a while?

Lisa Conde Wellness Therapy

We hear of the benefits of looking after ourselves, yet the vast majority of people put themselves last after family, friends and work, ignoring the signs that the body, mind and spirit are pleading with us to stop and rest.

When we are constantly stimulated by our environment, we are running on Beta brain waves which, if maintained for long periods of time, cause a negative output such as illness, irritability, intolerance, aches, pains, becoming argumentative, anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep and feeling exhausted.

The good news is that this negative output can be effectively treated with guidance and support.

Trained in Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing and Life Coaching, I am passionate about assisting and supporting you, with loving presence, to feel your best and live your life with contentment and peace within, empowering your wellness.

I offer a unique holistic relaxation experience, in a peaceful, safe, confidential environment, of enabling the mind to release thoughts and feelings that may be bothering you and weighing you down through a gentle coaching conversation, then moving to a nurturing massage to relax the body and allow the mind to become still, bringing forth clarity, finally introducing the powerful, natural healing of Reiki. These sessions will have you feeling restored and re-energized, able to focus more clearly, leading your mind, body and spirit back to optimum health and balance.

Whether you are looking to just relax and unwind from the daily stresses of life, wanting to alleviate aches, pains and muscle tension, restore your energy, make changes in your life and live the good life you were meant to, or are just wanting someone to listen to you and guide you without judgment, I can help you

Situated in a peaceful semi-rural setting 30 minutes from the heart of Chatswood and Hornsby and 15 minutes from Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Plenty of parking available.

The Greatest Investment you can make is in yourself.

“He who hesitates is lost” – Cato

$15 off your first session if you mention Natural Therapy Pages when you book.


Having suffered debilitating muscle spasms in my lower back where I was unable to walk, resulting in a hospital stay where no solution was given to me, I came to Lisa for a massage and felt immediate relief. The next day I was able to drive my car. Ongoing treatment has given me pain relief and more overall flexibility. Lisa has ‘magic hands’. – John, Sydney

What a beautiful, peaceful space Lisa creates in her studio for a relaxing massage, which not only revived my overworked body, but cleansed my mind. Thankyou. Melissa. Dee Why - Sydney

Thankyou so much for the most relaxing massage ever. You’re the best. Greg, Wahroonga - Sydney

I got whiplash from a mountain biking accident causing four years of constant neck pain. This affected my day to day life to the point where pain woke me up several times a night. After two Reiki sessions with Lisa, I was thrilled when I realised that I was pain free for the first time since the accident. I've had a third session with her and I estimate that I am without pain 90% of the time. I am grateful that I found her. Gregg, Killara - Sydney 

I have a condition that affects the function of my fingers and toes due to swelling and pain, so much so that I was assigned a writer for my major year 12 exams. Prior to seeing Lisa, my right fingers were purple and swollen to almost double the size of my left fingers. The discolouration, pain and swelling completely went away around 3 days after my first session, and I was able to write my exams pain free. Moraya, Killara - Sydney

"I have been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease which severely impacts the muscle movement in my feet, legs, hands and arms.  Since I have started having regular massage therapy from Lisa, I have found that my muscles have come far more flexible and my joints less painful.  I highly recommend Lisa's massage therapy to ease any aching and tired muscles.  It will make you feel fantastic". - Michael, Forestville, Sydney

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Lisa Conde Wellness Therapy