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A CTC can lead to positive outcomes after just one 2 hour session.

Lisa Saliba - Combined Therapy Cocktail

Combined Therapy Cocktail 


Are you feeling like you’re not good enough? Is the feeling of anger and hurt becoming too much for you to deal with? These beliefs and having the same thoughts and the same feelings consistently will limit your potential. In short, it will develop a belief system.

CTC is a 2-hour session freeing you of all your negative emotions, fears, and beliefs. It targets the underlying cause of when you were young, being able to health the past and live life more fully in the present. Combined Therapy Cocktail is made up of a number of modalities – some of which involve Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki & EFT.

CTC will treat:

    • Phobias


    • Addictions


    • Guilt


    • Frustrations


    • Fatigue


    • Self-Doubts


    • And more…


Neuro-Linguistic Programming


NLP provides techniques and processes that enable change, to invoke, the feelings, imagery, and voices un the unconscious mind. It can help you to ‘move forward’ but helping you to shift ways of thinking and responding. NLP organises human behaviours into parts on both the non-verbal and verbal levels. When an event is experienced, our sensory input channels are…

    • Visual


    • Auditory


    • Kinaesthetic


    • Olfactory (Smell)


    • Gustatory (Taste)


NLP allows us to alter the way that we think and process information as it is taken in. Thus, we are able to lead a life of contentment and peace, which is the overall goal.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


EFT will ask you to highlight and jot down in point form, what you perceive to be your issues, before coming into a session. These may be social phobias, a fear of failure, not feeling good enough or anger towards a family member. Once these have been highlighted, these blocks are removed by gently tapping the Meridian points on your face, collarbone, underneath your arm, and on your hand whilst repeating affirmations.

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Do you believe that you’re not good enough? Is the feeling of anger and hurt just too much for you to handle? If you would like to hear more about CTC and how it can help you, get into contact with me!

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