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Never again will you walk in pain with these foot insoles.

ProKinetics Insoles

Walk and Run Without Any Pain With ProKinetics

Listen 4 Life Learning Centre in Phillip ACT offers ProKinetics insoles which are designed to improve foot function and posture and relieve musculoskeletal pain.

Since the inception of these insoles, the ability of expensive custom orthotics to support the feet has been questioned countless times. In fact, studies show that so-called foot support can do more harm than good to the musculoskeletal system. 

ProKinetics supports the neuromuscular system by processing information gathered by the receptors in the forefeet. This information is transmitted to the muscles which are responsible for the body’s motion, posture and stability. 

The product is hinged on the concept that the feet prefer to experience a positive contact with the ground rather than be deprived of sensory input by inflexible orthotics.

Based on customer feedback, people like the fact that ProKinetics allows them to feel the surface they walk on, while supporting their feet.

The Benefits of Using ProKinetics:
  • Improves gait and posture
  • Relieves foot, joint and muscle pain
  • Fits all types of shoes
  • Easy to use and comfortable 

Its Structural Framework

The ProKinetics insoles are designed with a wedge under the ball of the foot. This naturally improves your posture and gait and allows your muscles to correct issues like hyperpronation and supination. 

Book an appointment to find out how these insoles can address your foot and muscular issues.

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