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Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshop     Please refer to my workshops and classes page!!

Learn  which is the best food for you, the best supplementation… the best essential oils and how

very much your emotions are influencing your health and well-being. 

Gain invaluable insight into your own body-mind system!

I am an internationally accredited and certified  Instructor for TFH  and will issue IKC certificates for my classes!  (

Kinesiology  Muscle testing is a remarkable tool - become empowered by learning Kinesiology techniques for your own use!

Gentle muscle monitoring is the key tool which we are all using, to receive answers from this infinitely intelligent computer that is call our body. Learn about the meridians and your body clock. In this localized field of information we are tapping into the knowledge of that amazing field of power! Watch the little video !           

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an holistic approach to long lasting health and vitality. Discovered and developed over the past 100 years, kinesiology incorporates western physiological healing science with ancient eastern energetic healing techniques. In this way, kinesiology can address a wide range of physical, nutritional, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Results can be felt immediately. Kinesiology is unique in that the kinesiologist is the facilitator of the body’s own intelligence to be healed and whole.

The main tool used in kinesiology is gentle muscle monitoring. This is a form of direct communication with the physical, cellular, mental and emotional systems of the body. The muscle response from the client directs the kinesiologist to the cause of the client’s problem and also to the correction required in order to resolve the problem.

Correction techniques used to help the body regain health include:

    • Meridian and acupoint stimulation
    • Acupressure (skin is not pierced)
    • Muscle stimulation
    • Sound
    • Emotional stress releas
    • Flower essences and vibrational remedies
    • Specific exercises such as holding stress points, reading affirmations.

Kinesiology can help you improve all aspects of life - from day to day living, to your performance in education, sport, business, finance, relationships.

    • Achieving and goal setting
    • Allergies
    • Anxiety, stress
    • Brain integration
    • Digestive disturbances
    • Disorders and disease
    • Eating disorders
    • Exhaustion
    • Fears and phobias
    • Hormonal issues
    • Learning difficulties and memory
    • Low energy
    • Muscular pain & sporting injuries
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Weight loss and more
  • Your kinesiology techniques are tailor-made for you. Gentle muscle monitoring is used to locate stress - and then establish the priority treatment to release this and align you with your goal.

Once bookings are confirmed, I will send you a client form for you to fill in.  I recommended to return it to me prior to the session date to optimise the session.Please drink plenty of water before starting is very important to have best results.

ONLINE SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE NOW ! Convenient, time saving and very effective!

As a special bonus - if you mention this page when booking, I would like to offer you a lovely Aromatherapy gift with your first session!

What is a distance/online kinesiology session? 

I connect to you and focus on you energetically, then work on you just like I do in a face to face session, except that it works on you indirectly. The distance kinesiology could be more powerful than face to face as we completely tap into a large-scale energetic field to each other. 

How do distance/online kinesiology sessions work?

The overall sensations, your emotions  and physical experiences  are very similar to an in-person session, except I am muscle testing my body/energy on your behalf.

I get the same insights as I do in person, no matter if you are next to me or not.

We discuss your issues/goals in length first. I then muscle test against various charts, emotions and books to give you information about what is going on subconsciously.

We then carry out various energy balancing corrections together.  I will perform the work on myself and show you how to do it on yourself.

Please note, this is not your average Kinesiology session – my magic is in the combination of all my skills.

When I tune into you and You will know that Your personal specific issues have really been acknowledged and addressed.  

You will feel physically, mentally and emotionally rejuvenated and uplifted, light of heart, joyful, and relieved from niggling pains.

Contact me now to find out more!

Please visit my Youtube-channel and  LiveandLearn Facebook page for more information!

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Nordic walking training

$50 Per session

Nordic walking My husband Tom and I are accredited Nordic Walking trainers. Tom is taking classes regularly, One on One - or small groups. Find the booking details on the booking page!

Kinesiology consultations

$100 Per hour

KINESIOLOGY THERAPY SESSIONS are a holistic approach to long lasting health and vitality. Discovered and developed over the past 100 years, kinesiology incorporates western physiological healing science with ancient eastern energetic healing techniques. I

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  • Body Awareness
  • Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Essential Oils Application
  • Diploma of Kinesiology

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  • Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd