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Herbal Medicine help clients of all ages deal with a wide variety of chronic and acute health problems, including challenging chronic health problems that fall outside orthodox medicine's ability to be effective.

Herbal Medicine

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ACT, Online Telehealth for GP and Naturopathy

Focus areas

Autism spectrum disorders Arthritis Cancer management Disabilities Feeding Heart disease

Herbal Medicine Helps Restore Physical, Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Life constantly presents us with challenges – physical, emotional and mental. Most of these we deal with naturally as part of everyday life. Some are even positive and make us stronger. However some life events compromise our ability to cope to the extent that our innate vitality becomes tied up in dealing with their effects and it becomes weakened. As the effects of these events take hold, we may notice that we’ve never felt well since.

The effects can persist and accumulate to the point where chronic health problems arise– physical, emotional and/or mental. They can last months, years or a lifetime.

Such stressors can include the ongoing effects of current or past infections, injuries, grief, stress, anxiety & depression after challenging life events, illnesses that appear due to inherited tendencies at different stages of life, amongst many others.

What does Herbal Medicine Do?

Herbal Medicine excels at treating problems that corrections in lifestyle and diet alone cannot resolve, where a deeper approach is required.

It is especially suited to helping people recover from the distressing physical and psychological effects of points of ‘never well since’ in life. In this way a sense of vitality and wellbeing can be restored, so that life can get back on track.

How Does a Herbalist Assess Your Health?

Herbalsists recognise that the mind and the body are interconnected and this principle is applied in practice to address the whole person. Your symptoms are viewed as facets of a single underlying imbalance, not separate diseases in themselves.

A trained natural therapist makes an individual assessment of your state of health by taking the time to respectfully listen to your story and carefully taking all your symptoms into account, physiological and psychological. Time is taken to learn and trace the disease or condition in its entirety, and prepare an assessment and treatment strategy that is tailored to the individual.

Treatment is targeted at the underlying imbalance in the form of a single prescribed medicine, which acts to stimulate the body’s innate self-healing mechanism.

Can Herbal Medicine Be Used Alongside Other Treatments?

Yes. Whilst herbal medicine is well suited to take a central role in the treatment of patients choosing an integrative approach to health solutions, patients can take herbal medicine in collaboration with any other treatment or medicine from healing modalities as long as your case has been professionally assessed and the appropriate remedies prescribed.

What Does Herbal Medicine Excel at Treating?

Because of the unique way we look at the whole person and not only symptoms, a herbalist may be consulted for a wide range of physical conditions as well as mental and emotional states such as stress or anxiety. The list is almost endless, since everyone is different and therefore experience illness differently. It is people’s uniqueness the practitioner focuses on.

Accordingly, herbs can assist in a broad variety of conditions from acute to chronic, arthritis to asthma, from constipation to croup, from irritable bowel syndrome to immune disorders, from anxiety to depression, from piles to complaints during pregnancy, from birth trauma to night terrors, from children’s behavioural issues to autism spectrum disorders, from newborn babies to senior citizens.

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