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Living Life Hypnotherapy

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Living Life Hypnotherapy

Have you suffered from Anxiety, Fears, Sleeping Disturbance or you just can’t break that Habit?

Are you over being stuck, unable to function at your best and mentally frustrated by the whole thing?

Do you want help to get over it now?

At Living Life Hypnotherapy, I will help you get back to living your life the way you want.

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Individual Sessions

I saw Lisa for an issue I had relating to family stress, which had been causing me concern for some time. Lisa got to the heart of the problem and was able to quickly direct me in a clear and positive direction that better served me and my family. Lisa is warm, empathetic and she had great insight into how I was feeling. She took the time listen and understand my situation. I highly recommend Lisa and will use her services again if I need in the future.
Debbie B

Hi all that suffer from Phobias, Fears, and Panic Attack, Anxiety. My name is Lena, I have had anxiety and panic attacks for years. I couldn’t go shopping or drive or walk to the letter box. When I heard about Lisa, I contacted her and after a few sessions with this amazing Master Practitioner I now can do all of the above and lots more. I feel fantastic, I urge anyone that wants the suffering to end to go and see Lisa without delay. You will be happy you did.

Group Sessions

This stuff works!! How important and powerful breathing and meditation are. I feel all the negative emotions have been released that I was holding onto. I feel I have gained wisdom and the tools to use to help me. I feel this workshop has helped me to get in touch with my true feeling and understand them more. Thank you, Lisa.
Deb M

Inspirational, very much needed this experience. Lisa is a beautiful, gentle teacher. Life-changing experience. Very good. Lisa explains in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Insightful and inspirational. Beautiful energies didn’t want to come back to the room. Peaceful, calming, healing, awesome. It was very healing. Have let go of a lot of stuff that was holding me back can move forward with the tools I now have.

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