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Have you suffered from Anxiety, Fears, Sleeping Disturbance or you just can’t break that Habit?

Are you over being stuck, unable to function at your best and mentally frustrated by the whole thing?

Do you want help to get over it now?

At Living Life Hypnotherapy, I will help you get back to living your life the way you want.

Call Lisa on 0422 107 203


FREE: I offer an obligation free 30 minutes session with Hypnosis!

This is to give you an experience of how hypnosis feels and to answer any of your questions. It will also help you know whether this healing modality is for you.

Due to Covid-19 any person who has been negatively affected at this time, for you, I’ve considerably lowered my rates to offer you my assistance. (Proof is required)
Safe Covid-19 practice will be in place so please expect to have your temperature read, hand hygiene will be available and please have a face mask with you. I will also ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to coming for a session.

Sessions are also available via Zoom

In my Clinic, I work with Adults of all ages; ranging from Young Adults to Seniors. My aim is to ensure that you get your outcome.

My practices focus’ on Emotional and Behavioural concerns, such as:
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Phobias
  • Handling Life Changes
  • Sleep Problems
  • And Bad Habits

The advantage of using Hypnotherapy with me is that I combine psychotherapy with hypnosis, in this field this is unique. The benefits of Hypnotherapy is that it is a brief therapy, its goal-oriented to get you the result you want, in the most effective way. All whilst enjoying calm relaxation as you gently focus your attention.

A little unknown fact, but true.

Did you know that during World War 2, hypnosis was used to successfully treat severe anxiety, phobias, battle fatigue as well as other issues?

Hypnotherapy was and has been confirmed to be dependable, effective and successful in treating a range of problems.

In my practice, I apply the latest result-proven hypnotherapy techniques in combination with psychotherapy. This is unique and innovative in this field because we look to discover your cognitive distortions which form and maintain your problem.

To create a solution, we will explore your positive abilities and inherent resourcefulness to formulate, with your understanding and consent, an answer to your issue. No generic scripts are used. All therapeutic recommendations are especially thought-out and set up for you.

You will get results! Bring along your willingness to follow suggestions and enjoy being an active participant in your own restorative journey!

Imagine now how you would feel having released that old stuck pattern! When you do, you will get to enjoy a positive outcome, you feel more in charge and have the energy to get back into living life.

Is this something that feels right for you, call me. I look forward to speaking with you.

In my practice, I look to create an environment of care and trust. Please know that Hypnotherapy is a complementary healing modality, therefore, any medical concerns should be first discussed with your Doctor.

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