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Living Life Hypnotherapy

Ringwood VIC 3134

Living Life Hypnotherapy

Have you suffered from Anxiety, Fears, Sleeping Disturbance or you just can’t break that Habit?

Are you over being stuck, unable to function at your best and mentally frustrated by the whole thing?

Do you want help to get over it now?

At Living Life Hypnotherapy, I will help you get back to living your life the way you want.

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6 Week Workshop Sessions

Visualisation Workshop

Is a powerful way to have you start focusing on what you want in life.

This is a very effective method of assisting you to move past current blocks and help you focus on what you want.

Anxiety Buster Workshop

A must for those who can’t let go of Anxiety.

You will learn to understand what and how Anxiety runs and what techniques you can use to overcome it.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

This is great for anyone suffering from Anxiety and Stress who would like to learn how to let go.

You will learn a number of different mindfulness techniques to help you in your practice.

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