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Lomi Heart Centre - Time Line Therapy® ( face-to-face & online available )

Specialising in working with pre-teens, parents, families and individuals, Carol uses her intrinsic skills to facilitate better relationships and to bring out the best in people. Her gentle encouraging approach draws out all the good stuff of inter-human relationships.

Carol is passionate about strengthening the communication gap between individuals because she has seen first hand how powerful a healthy communication system is. A nurturer at heart, Carol facilitates interactive workshops and programs to help them bridge communication gaps, increase self confidence and help to create healthy, thriving futures for individuals.

Time Line Therapy ®

with Luke Mollica & Carol Johnston-Mollica

In order to move forward we sometimes have to go backwards, find the lessons to help us gain clarity and confidence in achieving what we want.

The techniques are a process of active imagination where the client imagines floating above their Time Line and letting go of his/her negative emotions and limiting decisions (or limiting beliefs). Then the client is also asked to imagine creating events in his/her future that support his/her goals or outcomes. Time Line Therapy ® techniques have demonstrated results in a broad variety of presenting problems. It is a powerful technique which allows clients to make long-lasting changes in a very rapid way.

Carols Qualifications & Experience:
  • Trainer of NLP , Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis & Coaching
  • Diploma in Life Coaching, DipLC
  • Current working with Children Check
  • Trained Crisis Telephone Counsellor (Lifeline)
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Empowerment & Self Esteem Coaching
  • Mother / Daughter Relationship Coach
  • Certified EFT Practitioner
  • Author
Luke's Qualifications & Experience:
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Practitioner Level 4
  • Reiki & Seichim Master 2005
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner & Life Design Coach

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