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Have you been intrigued by Mindfulness and how it can improve your wellbeing?

Mindfully You - Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness

Are you after an additional support method to get through the day?

Would you like to be more relaxed and calm?

The benefits are numerous no matter how you use the tools – whether you are looking to increase your meditation time, or incorporate being present more often, or become more intune with your own being – this course enables you to experience firsthand what mindful meditation, relaxation can be for you.

  • Mindfulness – Reduces depression and anxiety.

  • Relaxation – Reduces stress and improves wellbeing.

  • Meditation – Develops calmness and enhances happiness.

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Mindfully Youth – Activity based session that provides every child with a safe, caring and fun environment to experience sense of calm, noticing ones own feelings and mind states, through methods providing a wonderful basis of self-awareness.  Suited for ages 8-12yrs.

Mindfully Corporate – Staff development programs that are specifically developed to your uniqye organisational requirements. From 2hrs to full days, we are able to customise programs on site and off site tailored to your budget and requirements.

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