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LotteLife - And the healing power of breath

Lotte Schultz

10 Kildare St
Bensville NSW 2251

Servicing area: Sydney, Newcastle & Central Coast

LotteLife - And the healing power of breath
Tap into your Wisdom and Inner Healer….



Lottelife - Lotte Schultz

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About Lotte

With over 30 years of personal experience, spiritual development and training behind her Lotte brings many professional skills to her practice. She also openly displayed her empathy and understanding, that she has attained through some life challenges of her own, including her own journey with cancer and by travelling her own journey of Spiritual Emergence and Kundalini Experience.

Lotte has an integrative approach, coaching different spiritual paths & practices and the Holotropic perspective, toward healing and wholeness. Lotte provides a range of modalities including  Holotropic Breathwork® (certified USA), Mindfulness,  Holistic/Transpersonal Counselling, Shamanic Practices, Energy Balance/Healing, Inner Child healing,  Family Constellation and Somatic Healing. Lotte is committed to providing a nurturing, safe and supportive environment for each individual through their healing journey.

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LotteLife - Lotte Schultz