LotteLife - And the healing power of breath

Lotte Schultz

10 Kildare st
Bensville NSW 2251

Servicing area: Sydney, Newcastle & Central Coast

Lotte supports you with information & options to find new ways to trust and access your own inner healer.

Holistic & Transpersonal Counselling

As a fifth-generation medium and psychic, my own psychic abilities were nurtured, spoken about and supported in my childhood home. This assistance provided me with a good foundation of how to utilise my intuition in the process of personal growth. It also normalised the support from other areas that are accessible to us all. I combine all this in my intuitive and spiritual counselling sessions.

In my work I am very mindful of empowering individuals to connect with their own inner healer, their intrinsic knowledge and their deep psyches. Just as your body will instinctually act and heal a physical injury in our body, our mind is constantly directing us towards healing, growth and expansion. I like to work in a safe and gentle manner with empathy, understanding and encouragement.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - please send a text to 0422989551 or send an email to


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LotteLife - And the healing power of breath