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Lotus Centre

Heather Greer

Level 1/ unit 2
13 Dale St
Brookvale NSW 2100

Servicing area: Manly / Dee Why / French Forrest / Fairlight / Northern Beaches / Mosman / Seaforth

Lotus Centre

Our natural fertility program consists of utilising the latest in Natural
Health and combines a range of services to suit you.

Lotus Centre - Natural Fertility, pregnancy & birth

We advise you undergo a Naturopathic health assessment and Hypnobirthing Fertility consultation.
Our counselor can help with stress management and mind-body assisted conception. You will be referred to a range of natural fertility treatments such as:
  • Naturopathy
  • Nutrition and Herbs
  • Hypnosis and Counselling
  • Fertility/Abdominal Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Fertility Yoga, Meditation and visualization

Natural Birthing Classes and Hypnosis

If you are considering a Natural birth then, natural birth education may be fore you.

Natural Birth classes

    We teach you the essentials for you and your birth partner. We teach you how to empower yourself and all the natural therapies the midwives don't know about. We let you know how you and your partner can help yourselves have the birth you want. Classes will help you feel more confident, more relaxed and in control of the labour and birth process. Your natural birth education will empower you to make the right choices for you, and your baby.

    Heather's classes are packed full of practical information, breathing techniques, mental and physical exercises and tips for an active calm birth.

    In our Natural Birthing Classes you will learn:
    • How to plan your calm natural birth
    • Recognize the signs & symptoms of labour
    • Natural pain management for every stage of labour
    • Yoga to prepare for birth
    • Breathing techniques to help feel in control
    • Visualization & Hypnosis techniques
    • Relaxation practices for a calm birth
    • Natural ways to induce labour
    • Active birthing positions
    • Massage and acupressure points for reducing pain to ease labour
    • Labour TENS for natural pain relief
    • Natural therapies for birthing
    • Using the mind to overcome, fear, pain and obstacles to a calm birth
    • Emotional freedom technique for pain relief and a calm birth
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    Want to know more on how our natural fertility treatments could help you conceive? Call us today to talk in confidence about your needs on 80076380, or book your first consultation!


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