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Lotus Intuitive Readings
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Lotus Oriental Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage )

Neil Pitt

14 Riley St
Holden Hill SA 5088

Servicing area: South Australia

Lotus Oriental Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage )

Lotus Intuitive Readings

I was fortunate enough to be born with an Empathic / Psychic ability which I have further developed over my life. This development was facilitated by meditation , chanting and direct spiritual experiences at the feet of my blessed Buddhist masters.
As a result I now do one hour intuitive readings which include:

  1. Past life readings (which can help you to understand the “why” of things happening to you in this life)

  2. Connecting with spirit guides and occasionally deceased loved ones

  3. Looking into relationship , money and future issues (the future not being set in stone I give people a rough idea of outcomes depending on what the situation is now and how they might move forward)

  4. Reading other people in your life through photos
    Please feel free to give me a call or message me about this service if you need more information

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