Louisa White

Louisa White

South Perth & surrounding areas
Douglas ave
South Perth WA 6151

Servicing area: Greater South Perth area

Are you ready to release pain and aches, stress or anxiety? Find peace, calm and energy with a combination of Bowen therapy, Forensic Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra massage and more.

Louisa White

Release Aches, Pain, Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Emotional or Relationship issues, Disconnection, and much more, with Bowen Therapy, or Forensic Healing.

Using a systematic and logical approach, Louisa will collect evidence about your condition, and help you understand and release the real cause, using New and Ancient Healing Techniques.
These holistic modalities help solve physical, emotional and spiritual conditions, to bring your body back into alignment, and help you feel happy, healthy, peaceful, and empowered in your life.

Qualification details

Bowen Therapy - Fascial Kinetics
Forensic Healing -Dipoma and Master Teacher
Chakra Massage
Spiritual Healing
Energy Healing
Radiant Conscious Light Healing
Hormonal Bowen Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage massage
Aurasoma Color Therapy -Level 2 Practitioner
Equiibration process
Thought Field Therapy