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If you're suffering from niggling illnesses and seeking a holistic approach to healing, a Naturopathic consultation with Louise Allen may be the turning point you've been looking for.

Women's Health

Focus areas

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We specialise in the treatment of the following women's health issues:


Supporting women through pregnancy is imperative, not only for the mother's health but also to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby. There is a plethora of supportive evidence and research to show a healthy diet alone may not be enough to guarantee a healthy pregnancy. Mothers should also be taking specific high quality nutritional support to achieve the best possible outcome for both herself and their baby/s.

Hormonal Problems:

Health issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis and PMT are common in women during the fertile stage of their lives. Treating these conditions varies considerably depending on the individual. Specific diets, nutrients and natural medicine are required to treat these conditions successfully.


Menopause can be a stressful and debilitating stage in a woman's life. It is a time when the levels of both estrogen and progesterone fall, producing physical, physiological and emotional changes and causing women to experience a range of symptoms. Recently there has been much attention on testosterone drops, which add to the symptoms experienced. Taking HRT may seem like a good idea, however research shows long-term use of HRT medication, can have undesirable and negative side-effects.

There are many natural and safe alternatives to HRT, which can control and manage menopausal symptoms. Diet and natural medicine can offer many benefits by:

  • Addressing hormonal deficiencies
  • Improving energy levels and an overall feeling of wellbeing
  • Using foods and phytochemicals to ward off the aging process.
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