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Intimacy is often confused with sex


Intimacy is often confused with sex.

Just as people can be sexual without being intimate, intimacy can happen without a sexual component being present. Sex is indeed a part of intimate expression, but it is not intimacy. Sex can be the most intimate and beautiful expression of love.

From the dictionary, intimacy is defined as a state of having a close relationship with somebody.

The truth is real intimacy in all its aspects (physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual) starts with you.

Experiencing true intimacy begins with being connected to your own heart/soul.

Intimacy is about connection & union with your own heart, then the other.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship there is.

It is critical & key to your own wellbeing.

Only then can you initiate a deeper connection with your partner (including all the great sex that goes with it). Real intimacy can only begin once you know yourself. Since intimacy means “in-to-me-see,” how can anyone “see into” you and who you are unless you know who you are.

Self-intimacy is the first critical step in getting to know oneself, only then can one become closer with others.

What is self-intimacy?

Self-intimacy is about being aware of your own feelings, caring about those feelings & using them as a guidance system to your own connection with your own heart/soul.

Men are often more physical in their journey to intimacy than women. Physical intimacy is just one of many forms of intimacy, but it is an important one for men. Physical doesn’t have to mean sex. Men are physical creatures by nature, but it doesn’t always have to lead to sex. It can be in the form of an affectionate touch.

For many women, extreme self-consciousness or even outright self-loathing about their weight or looks, can significantly erode intimacy with their partners. Research shows that it is not uncommon for women to feel reluctant to be physically intimate with their partners due to a lack of confidence about their bodies.

The ability to look at our behaviours objectively is a pretty big deal for those of us living in today's world, where the vast majority of people are running 100mph on auto-pilot. We act unconsciously, we let our minds wander, we have no control of our emotions & we react to life instead of creating it.

By developing self-awareness, we can start to notice our emotions moment to moment until eventually, we look up one day and realise that feeling well is the default, not the outlier.

Qualification details


2006    Brunel University London- Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (2:1)

Professional Development

2021     White Tiger Qigong- Tevia Feng

2020    Secrets of Inner Power- T Harv Eker.

2020    Money EQ- Ken Honda.

2019    LifeBook- John & Missy Butcher.

2017    Wellness Leadership Mentorship- Wellness Leadership Academy-Marcus Bird & Andy Ramsay

2017    Path of Alchemy, Evolve your Life, The Rising Messenger- Jeffrey Slayter, NLP Coach

2013    The Shoulder- Lyn Watson

2012    Dry Needling Level 1

2012    Discover the Sport Thorax

2011    Gerontology Level 1

2010    IKO level 1 instructor- International Kite Boarding Organisation

2009    Bariatric Seminar QLD Health Australia

2008    Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

Annual Orthopaedic Physiotherapy conference Australia

2006    Masters of Diploma in sports massage England

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