Love Yourself

Vanessa Arouff-Parfait

Mosman Park WA 6012

Focus area: Stress Anxiety Relaxation techniques ...

An open heart to heart conversation between our Souls



What to expect

What to expect?

A Deeply relaxing intimate open flow massage.

This is a full body massage with an open flow conversation.

Merging science & spirituality, I create a space of Heart, Trust & Safety.

Rest in comfort as you drift away to the peaceful gentle music & relaxing aroma of lavender, clary sage & rosewood oils in the background. 

I offer intimacy in a profound yet relaxed, light-hearted, authentic, vulnerable, holistic & trusting way by questioning & challenging your belief system.

How is my service different?

It is embarking on an open-heart & open-mind journey of evolution of self. 

Allow 2hrs for the session.

A shower is requested upon arrival. Enjoy a chlorine free shower followed by the soft & tender luxurious feel of egyptian cotton bath towel on your skin as you dry yourself.

We start the session with a clearing of energies & setting clear intentions. 

Rest your head on the newest “ecoden” technology pillow providing ultimate comfort & support to your head & neck as we go through a self-awareness relaxation technique (for you to take home) to enter a deeper state of relaxation. 

The massage session then takes on the form it needs to. I allow Intuition, Openness & Flow to guide me. Sometimes hugs may be incorporated as part of the session, sometimes just a relaxing gentle firm or soft touch as is needed. It is all relevant to the moment in time & the client’s need at the time. It is about heart, openness, connection & expansion.

Organic Coconut is the oil of choice. All for the nurturing of your skin.
A complementary herbal tea is served at the end of our session.


Value & love for yourself, 
Calm your nervous system, 
Feel revitalised, nourished & blissful, 

Embrace a new level of freedom, connectivity & intimacy within yourself,

Increase Self Awareness
Reconnect with your inner peace. 
Embrace the whole of who you are.

Qualification details


2006    Brunel University London- Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (2:1)

Professional Development

2021     White Tiger Qigong- Tevia Feng

2020    Secrets of Inner Power- T Harv Eker.

2020    Money EQ- Ken Honda.

2019    LifeBook- John & Missy Butcher.

2017    Wellness Leadership Mentorship- Wellness Leadership Academy-Marcus Bird & Andy Ramsay

2017    Path of Alchemy, Evolve your Life, The Rising Messenger- Jeffrey Slayter, NLP Coach

2013    The Shoulder- Lyn Watson

2012    Dry Needling Level 1

2012    Discover the Sport Thorax

2011    Gerontology Level 1

2010    IKO level 1 instructor- International Kite Boarding Organisation

2009    Bariatric Seminar QLD Health Australia

2008    Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

Annual Orthopaedic Physiotherapy conference Australia

2006    Masters of Diploma in sports massage England

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Love Yourself