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Member since
Oct 2017

Love Cherub

Contact Name Jacki Barker
Mobile 0448191121
Address Northern Beaches NSW 2101

Doula and HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Love Cherub

Meet Jacki

Why I’m a Doula

The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more and more apparent. I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle and as a Doula I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to women and families in the greater Sydney area.

A Bit About Me

My name is Jacki and I am married with two wonderful children Brendan and Erin who are now grown. Becoming a parent was magical, life changing and the most incredible journey. After I had my children I became a midwife in the UK and found a passion for empowering women to assist them with calm, peaceful birth experiences. I found that my previous psychology major also helped me to find ways to create the best environment for each individual woman and her partner. I have enjoyed using 'Active Birth' techniques as taught by Andrea Robertson and I am a strong supporter of beautiful waterbirths. After a break of a couple of years in health administration due to a work sustained injury, I was very excited to be returning to assist empowering women in the birth process with my own Doula business. I consider myself a keen advocate of women and I am non judgemental about your birth choice. I was always disappointed working as a midwife when I was unable to be at a woman's birth having cared for them for hours in labour on a shift. I found I could not always find time to practise the reflexology or aromatherapy I had studied to help women and create the warm, cozy environment so essential to women and their partners.

Being a doula means getting to know the parents and learning of their hopes and dreams for their birth. I can liaise with staff at hospital about your plans to endeavour to make your dream a reality. I can actually always be there for the entire event, established labour to the birth and not leave until the baby has fed and you are happy I leave. Then I can visit you at home and assist you with advice to make this next period of life go more smoothly.

I love my family and friends and my two cute dogs. My husband is a great cook and my enjoyment of food has led to a need for exercise and thus attempts at keeping fit. I love bush walking and X-Fit classes which are fun! I practice Transcendental Meditation and yoga. I enjoy reading and I am a member of a local choir which I adore as music and singing are true passions for me. I support human rights and animal welfare causes.



EIHMS University of Surrey in Guildford, UK graduated 3 year Direct Entry Midwifery 2002.

In 1999, when my children were still young, I began studies in midwifery after working as a maternity AIN to see if I enjoyed the role. Here we are in 2017 and now I am so lucky to practice my favourite part of midwifery all the time and that is caring for women in the capacity of a doula without all the clinical aspects such as note writing and staring at monitors. To me these parts of midwifery were annoying as they distracted me from the role I love... to help emotionally without clinical influences taking my time.

HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing Practitioner course

I decided to take the HypnoBirthing training course when I started my doula business as I had always been so impressed by the births I had attended where couples had been trained in the techniques. I remember in the UK walking from one birth room to another and seeing the incredible differences in the HypnoBirths and how couples were coping. I knew I needed to learn and share these techniques with couples.

Support As You Need It

I customise support as you need through the perinatal period offering antenatal education and information as well as classes in HypnoBirthing. I am with you through your birth and assist you postnatally with bonding, breastfeeding, settling, wrapping and bathing. Throughout I am always at the end of the phone.

Antenatal and HypnoBirthing

Preparing for your birth is important. I love helping parents find the best ways to approach this incredible time in their lives. Learning to use the best tools to create a calm and beautiful birth experience and using techniques to reduce stress and aid your first few weeks with your wonderful newborn.


The magic day arrives and I will be with you from when you are in established labour until an hour or so after your baby is born. I will provide fairy lights, music, light touch massage, aromatherapy and use active birth techniques and reflexology to help you in your journey.


I will support you with advice on breastfeeding, settling, bonding, bathing and wrapping to name a few....


Comprehensive Service

I would like to meet with you twice during your pregnancy, each visit around 2 hours long. This way we can get to know each other and I can assist you with your birth plan which I will then type and prepare for your happy event. Once you are in established labour, I will then support you and your partner through the entire birthing process until around 2 hours after your baby is born. I can help you with breast feeding and assist to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere in this delightful time.

I will visit twice after your birth and debrief with you as desired. I like to visit at home if possible at least once to assist you and your baby with breast feeding, or just to mind the baby while you rest. I can look after other children, do light chores, house tidying or light meal preparation. We can discuss ways to make things go smoothly when you get home and I can be there for advice to make life easier.

For the birth I carry mood lighting, aromotherapy essential oils, heat packs, your choice of music should your plan specify, or perhaps try some Tibetan singing bowl playing. I can use Reiki if desired and reflexology for relaxation or stimulation if required. In the earlier part of labour we can walk around and try various positions to make labour more comfortable. We can just talk, laugh or even play board games to help with distraction.

After the baby is born and you are at home, we can look at the creation of a harmonious environment with anything from wrapping and holding or bathing techniques through to use of music and aromatherapy.

I Need a Doula but I'm Due Any Day!

Relax, it isn't too late to call me. Perhaps you meant to get around to arranging a doula but never got there. Some couples just want another experienced person to make them feel more comfortable. Maybe your birth partner is unavoidably detained overseas. Possibly the person you thought was going to be your birth partner is unwell or just not the right person after all. LOVE CHERUB is here to help!

I can try and meet you once before the birth but if not, I can meet you at the hospital or birth centre once you are in established labour. I will provide as much support in ways that are best to assist your individual needs until your bundle of love arrives. I can assist you with your first breast feed and make sure you are comfortable and both happily tucked into bed before I leave.

Postnatal Services

I can offer separate services for this period after birth. Perhaps you would like me to be of help around the home after your birth rather than for your birth. Perhaps you would like more help than 2 visits during the day as part of my complete service. I can stay the night on your first night home to ensure all goes well with breast feeds, nappies and wrapping. I can keep the home clean and tidy so you are not worried by it and look after your baby if you are sleeping or showering to take some of the stress out of the settling in period. I want to ensure you feel empowered and happy through this time and I will be a guide and sounding board rather than a person who takes over. As a mother and midwife, I will be able to recognise any breast feeding or other potential postnatal concerns and assist you to solve them as soon as possible. ​

HypnoBirthing Services

Women who are confident and prepared to birth are able to birth as mother nature intended.

HypnoBirthing technique carries with it a birth philosophy that you can achieve a satisfying and very relaxed birth. Birth is after all a natural process of life. You and your birth companion can discover the joy and ability of a comfortable and wonderful birth as intended by nature.

A natural drug free birth helps the baby/ babies to feel loved and welcomed into the world. This is because the natural hormones produced at birth create an atmosphere of love and happiness. This wonderful bonding of mother father or partner and child at birth is paramount to a baby’s healthy development. It really is that important. Sadly the use of obstetric drugs can inhibit this natural process and bonding can be damaged.

HypnoBirthing Power

  • At very least reduces and mostly eliminates need for pain killing drugs

  • Teaches relaxation to stop the fear which can cause pain in labor

  • Shortens the first phase of labor

  • Keeps mother alert and awake and comfortable

  • Baby remains oxygenated and healthy

  • Reduction of need for episiotomy

  • Allows couple to feel confident and empowered through their relaxed, calm, birth choice

  • The birth companion feels empowered as they have an important part of the birth process

  • Understanding is given to the amazing bonding power with the baby long before the birth

  • Education provided to assist in breathing the baby down the birth path not actively pushing as staff may instruct in a hospital

What you will learn

  • How to have a safe, easy, peaceful and more comfortable birth

  • Pain has no part in labor

  • The concerns with intervention in labor

  • Techniques of deep relaxation to assist in ridding of fear and resultant pain in labor

  • Your body’s natural ability to conceive, nurture and naturally birth you baby without discomfort

  • Natural alternatives to drugs to commence labor

  • The creation of a birth sanctuary – you and your birth companion can create your dream of the place your baby is to be born. It will be calm, serene and stress free

  • Breathing techniques to birth your baby so it has a full supply of oxygen and yet it is not pushed at staff demands into the world

  • To use your innate ability to birth as your instincts dictate – naturally and joyfully

Each session is approx 2 to 2.5 hours. All required materials are provided. Please contact me to discuss my HypnoBirthing services and fees.

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