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Jane Marie Molnar

Kilburn SA 5084

Love Laugh Learn Health

I have been studying and practicing Kinesiology for the last 25 years, successfully balancing family, friends and clients. In addition and most importantly, I have created health, balance and fulfillment in my life during this time. practicing Kinesiology on myself, to achieve life long goals and dreams.

Love Laugh Learn Health

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My name is Jane Marie Molnar and I am a Registered Practitioner of Kinesiology with the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc; a accredited Practitioner of both Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology and Brain 1 LEAP module, in addition to having previously studied with Balance for Life - a Relationships Course and Tree of Knowledge.

Would you like support to make positive changes in your life, whether the changes involve Work and Career, Relationships, your physical or emotional Health or study?

I offer Kinesiology balances to help you to achieve your goals and am an intuitive, skilled, caring, and compassionate practitioner.

Spend time receiving nurturing corrections involving touch with points on your head held or points on your body gently rubbed, or complete a colour visualisation or Mandala meditation.

Obtain feedback on your key emotion to be infused positively or diffused to clear.
I have a background also in Education and Music and have been involved with Kinesiology for many years

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural way to improve your health, learning ability and your performance in any given area.

In a Kinesiology Balance, I support you to determine an achievable goal with measurable outcomes.

Muscle monitoring discovers what is out of balance in your mindbody in relation to your goal and what nurturing corrections you will enjoy receiving to balance your mindbody.

You will receive different corrections that balance you Spiritually, Emotionally, Electrically, Structurally and Ecologically and could include Acupressure, Emotional Stress Release, Bilateral movements, Colour Visualisation, Mandala Meditation, Repatterning and Feedback on Diet and Exercise.

When receiving a LEAP Balance you will be centred around your higher purpose, clear deep psychological patterns (you may not be aware of) and gain an insight into your Amygdala's Emotion, as well as releasing and balancing the aforementioned suppressed Emotion. Or book in for a balance around your Hip or Knee problems.

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