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Aug 2017

Proud Peacock

Contact Name Rachel Dickey
Mobile 0435713965
Servicing Areas Central Queensland

Changing young people's lives

Proud Peacock - Programs - Coaching - Products

Proud Peacock

After working with kids and families for a few years now, I am very aware of the importance of working as a team in a family unit. To make positive change we all need to be aware of our actions and be responsible for our behaviours. 

Do you experience any of the following in your home;

    • Anxiety
    • Fear
    • Stress
    • Anger
    • Limiting beliefs
    • Self sabotage
    • Low self-esteem and confidence

Then join me for one of our programs. 

    • Proud Peacock- Primary age kids 7-10 learning life skills and mindfulness. Techniques, strategies and tools to assist with the pressure of growing up and accepting who we are. 
    • Let’s Chill - pre-teens and teenagers 11-15 learning life skills and mindfulness. Age appropriate content about the brain, emotions, techniques, strategies and tools to help guide, support and develop inner strength and inner peace.
    • Meditation and Mindfulness - 16 up understanding what is stress how to reduce stress. Understanding meditation and mindfulness how to do it and why we need to learn and practice this life skill. Relaxation techniques and ways to increase energy.

To find out more information and to purchase the courses please visit 

If you are interested in any of the following let’s have a chat;

    • Mindfulness
    • Energy and alignment work
    • Reconnecting with your true self
    • Building your self-esteem
    • Understanding your values
    • Discovering your archetypes
    • Identifying any limiting beliefs
    • Setting achievable goals
    • Increase focus, confidence and self awareness
    • Decrease stress and tension


My name is Rachel Dickey, I am a mother of four amazing kids and married to the most wonderful man. Like others I have had struggles and challenges to overcome.

 I have experienced life lessons that now bring me to a place of being able to guide and support others in a valuable way. Throughout my journey I have spent years being a major "stress head", suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks and not coping with life and my choices. I have, at times, been my own worst enemy, an extreme perfectionist and often quite critical of myself.

Today everything is quite different.  I am aware of my values, my strengths, what challenges me and how to self regulate my emotions. I believe life begins when we are aware of who we are and when we take responsibility and action. 

Through awareness we find that innovation becomes transformation.​

I am a Facilitator and Coach- Specialising in self-esteem

Providing the following;

    • Life Coaching for children, youth and woman.
    • Life skills and Mindfulness programs for children.
    • Meditation & Mindfulness workshops for adults.
    • Tai Chi workshops - Teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and relaxation.
    • Guest Speaker
    • Author

My Passion is - to help others build their self-esteem and to honour and love their true authentic self.

Effective Coaching Services

Personal Mentoring Session - $95

A one off session for those who want to know if and how I can guide you. This is an opportunity to ask away to dive in and find some instant direction. I offer a single mentoring session that will inspire you and create a desire of wanting more for yourself. Join me on what is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Introductory Discovery Package - $345

Are you interested in learning more about who you are by having a personal mentor by your side? This package is for you 3 x one on one coaching sessions includes; worksheets, resources, and unlimited emails. You will discover your archetypes and values these are our foundations and help us understand who we are.

Discovering Me Package - $950

Is your current self holding you back, are you lacking clarity, direction, motivation or purpose? Then this package is for you package includes; 6 one on one coaching sessions, worksheets, resources, access to meditations and unlimited emails. During these sessions we will focus on enhancing your self-awareness, provide you with tools and techniques that will inspire your true self. Discover and ignite your passions to aid you with direction and purpose. Introduce new behaviours that will serve you and encourage personal development.

Being The Change Package - $1700

Are you wanting more out of your life, to feel under control, to be moving forward and fulfilling your life's purpose? If you are looking to cultivate and inspire your inner self to live and lead with purpose then this package is for you. These sessions will provide you with the guidance to reveal your strengths, what motivates you, your core needs, what challenges you plus much more. This is your life to get right, feel right and love completely. Find out how amazing it is to be the change. Includes; 13 one on one coaching sessions with a discovery session, 11 sessions to follow and a moving forward session to conclude with. All worksheets, resources, meditations, classes and unlimited emails.

Coaching for kids

Awareness Package- 4 sessions $340 incl; a session with parents and 3 x one on one with child and with or without parents. All worksheets, resources and unlimited emails available.

Coaching for kids - 7 hrs

Creating Change Package - $660 Coaching is a beneficial support for children as it is action-orientated, practical and future focused. It is about moving forward with positive beliefs and strategies. This package incl; 1 session with parents, followed by 6 sessions with child with or without parent, all worksheets, resources, activities i.e. meditations and unlimited emails.

Coaching for kids - 14 hrs

Ultimate support package- $1450 Life Coaching builds skills and awareness, helping children understand themselves better, identify issues of concern, develop methods for managing their emotions and improving their life situation. This package incl; 1 session with parents followed by 12 sessions with child and with or without parents. Concluding with a moving forward session, all worksheets, resources, meditations, unlimited emails.

Contact us today for more information.

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