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Carmen Paff

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Servicing area: Melbourne, St Kilda, Richmond, Kew, Northcote, Camberwell

Lumiere Healing & Massage
Our senior massage therapist, Carmen Paff, has 10 years experience massaging women through all stages of pregnancy and into motherhood.

Lumiere Healing & Massage - Pregnancy Massage

Whether this is your first time or your fifth, pregnancy can be very demanding physically and emotionally. Our pre-conception, pre-natal and post-natal massage treatments are designed to help support you and relieve some of the demands that pregnancy places on your body.

Massage is now a widely recommended treatment during the conception stage, including IVF and other fertility treatments, as it helps circulation, stress, anxiety and overall health for conception.

Our specialized pre-natal massage can safely and effectively assist with relief from many of the physical effects occurring during pregnancy, to help you fully enjoy this beautiful time of your life.

Post-natal massage is very important to help mothers relax, to relieve muscle tension, to help regain core muscle tone and to boost energy in what is a rewarding but often very tiring time. Also many mothers begin their return to work, and may still be breast-feeding, and find regular post-natal massage helps with stress and their new schedules.

" My weekly massages with Carmen from Lumiere have assisted me as a busy full-time working and breastfeeding mum, with little time to exercise, to control my tension prone shoulders and neck. I highly recommend a regular massage for all mums out there, we all need a bit of time out and an hour once a week or fortnight is both doable and oh so worth it! "
L. West, businesswoman and mother, Melbourne.

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