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Lynda Allamby

ABSOLUTELY HEALING - Lynda Allamby ND Dip.Hom. Ph:03 95874090

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SICK of Being Sick??Get your FREE report NOW on what Natural Healing can do for YOU! LYNDA REALLY WILL HELP YOU BACK TO OPTIMUM HEALTH & WELLNESS - SO CALL TODAY! WE Service our cars - why not our body? DON'T wait till it's too late because you CAN take control of your Health and wellness right NOW! LET Lynda's 24yrs of experience as a Naturopath, Homoeopath & Herbalist help you back to Optimum Health and Wellbeing by treating acute and chronic conditions using: Iridology, Allergy Testing and Theratest, Kinesiology and Remedial Massage, Herbs, Homoeopathy, Nutrition & Flower essences GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE

ABSOLUTELY HEALING - Lynda Allamby ND Ph:03 95874090

Servicing area

Cheltenham, Victoria

Focus areas

Well-being Wellness Headaches Herbalist Lifestyle Health & wellness


Mention this ad when booking your first consultation NOW and receive your own IRIS PHOTOS & REPORT VIA EMAIL FOR FREE! after your first visit - a value of $80. Plus, health funds Rebate may apply if you have "Extras cover" .

All and any costs involved in bringing YOU back to maximum health ARE an investment in your future health, energy and wellbeing.. So why do it?.

Because - you're WORTH it !!


PROBLEMS and AILMENTS Treated by Naturopath, Homoeopath & Herbalist

WEIGHT ISSUES dietary and hormonal & CHRONIC FATIGUE treat causes: stress, viruses, allergens LIVER DETOX & Digestive complaints, Candida, IBS, food allergies RESPIRATORY problems: Asthma, Colds, Sinus, Hayfever MIGRAINE headaches INSOMNIA nervousness

MALE & FEMALE problems Impotency, PMS, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. DEPRESSION panic attacks, anxiety, grief and loss ADDICTIONS & substance abuse - tobacco, alcohol and drugs SKIN Eczema,psoriasis, acne etc. ARTHRITIS Rheumatism and inflammatory disorders CHILDREN babies to adolescents SPORTS nutrition and performance motivation and enhancement


A case history will be taken and an assessment of the CAUSE of your problem will be made. Your first visit can take up to 1 1/2hrs depending on the severity. Your follow-up visits are usually from 45 to 60mins each. The number of visits required for your course of treatment depends primarily on the severity of your problem. Many happy cients return at least annually for their Health checkup and 'tune up"!! WHY WAIT TILL YOU ARE REALLY VERY SICK???


Theratest, Iridology, Nutrition, Homoeopathy, Herbal remedies, flower essences and allergy testing - brief explanations below


By appointment only - Mon-Fri and Tues/Wed evenings - Cheltenham, Mentone, Sandringham, Brighton, Beaumaris and other areas

Lynda has a reputation of successfully treating a wide range of problems and is dedicated to helping people back to health with a greater understanding of balanced health and lifestyle. See Testimonials from happy patients below!!

Using mainly herbal preparations, homoeopathic & Flower remedies , Lynda aims to get you to maximum health in the least amount of time. She believes in K I S S Keep It Seriously Simple!


I'd been in hospital 5 days with gall bladder attack and phoned Lynda from and left hospital with gall bladder intact and saw Lynda the next day. Looking, feeling and testing really badly, I was given appropriate herbs, homoeopathic remedies and diet recommendations. These quickly had me on the mend and soon to feeling and looking very very healthy. That was over a year ago and fortunately I still have my gall bladder and have not had any further health problems. I BELIEVE THAT Lynda's treatment gave my immune system the help I needed to get back to full health again. With much appreciation. Alan
McLean, Beaurmaris, Vic.

Although I'd had a healthy successful pregnancy prior, I then had two miscarriages, which was greatly upsetting as I'm in my mid-forties so I Isought help from Lynda. I believe that her care, treatment, homeopathics and herbs helped me have a successful and healthy pregnancy. The birth was extra fast and less painful and my husband had to help deliver our baby before the ambulance arrived. In fact we even made the local papers with the event!!! I'm just so pleased I undertook Lynda's advice and treatment as we have our beautiful daughter now. So thanks again Lynda
Annette Feathers - McKinnon, Vic

Lynda has been my family's Health Practitioner, adviser, counseller and mentor for the past 7yrs. Always supportive and caring, Lynda has helped us all recover from many ailments including menhorragia, asthma, sinus, acne and hayfever. One particularly amazing result was with my teenage son's confidence through Kinesiology and flower essences. Lynda has an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in many areas of healing and I always recommend Lynda to my family and friends and anyone else who needs health advice. Many thanks
Julie M. Aspendale Gardens, Vic.

Theratest- In 1981 Hans Kupka introduced the Theratest Diagnostic machine for use in testing Allergy testing and de-sensitising is done using homoeopathics. "Although modern technology has elminated many infectious diseases - many people are still suffering from degenerative diseases. Theratest BFD is an effective and safe approach in treating these.

Homoeopathy has withstood the tests of time as a gentle and natural form of healing, differing from orthodox medicine in its fundamental principles. A state of internal health and balance is reached once the vital forces are stimulated from deep within by the use of homoeopathic remedies. In the 19th Century, Dr. Samual Hahneman searched for a better healing system and applied the Law of Similars - "through use of the like, disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured"
(4th century BC Hippocrates).

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, is the science of using herbal remedies to treat the sick - using medicinal plants with powerful and gentle actions such as St. Mary's Thistle and Chamomile etc. "God of His infinite goodness and bounty hath by the medium of plants bestowed almost all food, clothing and medicine upon man" Thomas Johnson 1636 edition of Gerard.

Is the art of interpreting the markings and colours in the iris and is a valuable tool in indicating the status of the various organs and systems of the body. Chronic and acute conditions are registered in the variations noted in the iris. Lynda qualified in the Bernard Jensen method at Melbourne College and with
Dorothy Hall (Australia's renowned Herbalist).

Today there are many ranges of Flower Essences, apart from the original Bach essences - these include: FES remedies and Australian Bush Flower essences. They help address the individual's own co-creative healing powers to restore wellness and are a safe, gentle and effective method of treatment for people of all ages!

"Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use" Dr. Edward Bach creator of the Bach Flower essences "

You DO have a right to OPTIMUM health and vitality - DON'T run on half empty with low energy !!


Call or email for your FREE report NOW on what Natural Healing can do for YOU!

  • Dip. Health Sciences (Naturopathy ) - Melbourne College
  • Adv. Dip. Homoeopathy - Australian Centre Homoeopathy
  • Adv. Dip. Herbal Medicine - Southern Cross College
  • Cert. Advanced Sports Nutrition - Monash University
  • Adv. Certificate Iridology - Melbourne College
  • Certificate of Personal Skills - Andraes College
  • Cert. Reiki Healing I and II
  • Cert. Touch for Health 1-4
  • Cert. Personal Skill Development - Andraes College
  • Cert. Kinesiology
  • Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society No.103

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