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Macquarie Street Therapy - Bowral Rooms

“Anxiety is quite a common symptom in this day and age, and it’s not that difficult to fix. It affects everyone, from young people to older people.”

Macquarie Street Therapy - Anxiety

Anxiety is a restricting, debilitating or overwhelming irrational concern or fear that is able to easily immobilise a person by making them become excessively afraid of a situation or challenge that requires addressing in their everyday life.

The limiting and overwhelming feelings of dread that are experienced may be connected to your home, work, social life or to relationships.

Symptoms can manifest as:

    • A rapid increase in heart and breathing rate, tingling feeling in toes, fingers, around lips/mouth.


    • A  feeling of tightness or restriction in the throat (globus hystericus)


    • Feeling faint


    • An overwhelming feeling to cry or run away


    • Excessive perspiration, knot in the stomach


    • A buzzing noise in the ears


    • Clammy skin


    • If withheld, attack or hit out and display anger.



A certain situation or life event that creates a rapid, unparalleled, increase in everyday anxiety levels. The individual may need to make a life decision to minimise anxiety levels, yet to carry out the decision also carries a high level of anxiety.

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