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Different types of depression manifest depending on their circumstances and the symptoms displayed.

Macquarie Street Therapy - Depression & Helplessness

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Typically the symptoms of depression impact on a person’s health, school, work, family and social functioning. Symptoms include a lack of self-esteem, lack of enjoyment, feelings of worthlessness and at times regret or guilt that appears inappropriate at the time.

A fall in libdo and lethargy coincides with the feelings of exhaustion or the inability to make any effort to do the simplest and easiest of things. A general feeling of depletion or malaise dominates a individuals everyday mood leaving an ongoing sense of vulnerability.

Reactive depression, as the name outlines is a form of depression that is experienced as a reaction to a certain event or circumstance, situation or stressor that have occurred in an individual’s life, eg. the death of a loved one or close family member or distressful event.

Endogenous depression, is a long term form of depression that is often associated with a bio-chemical content, can be genetic in nature that comes and goes, at times for a period of months or years.

Other forms of depression include:

  • Unipolar depression

  • Bi-polar manic depression

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Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness is largely acknowledged as a precursor to depression, but can come about as a completely separate symptom in itself. It occurs when a person  begins to learns, at a very young age, that the world is extremely difficult and hard environment and that coping with everyday adult stress using childhood defence mechanisms to cope, simply does not work.

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