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Magical Heart Awakening

Judy Browne
Magical Heart Awakening


I was burnt out and had lost my work – life balance altogether. I was juggling a demanding leadership position with part time study and running a household with two small children. It was exhausting!

 I was stressed and anxious.  I’m Working with Judy I was able to focus on my core values and develop leadership skills in communication… especially communicating with senior leaders.  This lead to my receiving a promotion that gave me more flexible working hours.

Also the growth in my leadership capacity has meant that I also feel much more like I am part of the team and that I’m supported and valued by senior leadership. The shift in priorities and self – esteem has also led to a change in my family dynamics which has given me back more time to spend with my family, but when I do so,I am far more present and engaged with them emotionally than I was before.

Overall I ‘m less stressed , no longer anxious and have much more balance throughout my life. The “up-leveling” that was brought about by my involvement in Judy’s Mastering Me program was really enjoyable. I have a deeper sense of myself, and have accepted a new peaceful momentum of progress throughout life.

– Dorothy

Review By Danny
Life changing
Always have a positive life changing experience when I make the time to Utilise what Judy has to offer.
Review By Rose
2 Hour Transformation Session Package
I have only been listening to this for a few days and already am seeing huge changes within myself and my son, and looking forward to what changes are to come.
Best money spent, you are truly amazing Judy xx
Review by RL 
So amazing , works wonders for the body mind and soul

Looking forward to you joining this listen at your leisure program to be the best I have experienced so far!

I feel this is the most powerful I have been honored to channel through for YOU and all that say YES


I listened today it was amazing. I had the best sleep - M

I have felt so motivated and started to de clutter my space. Feeling excited! - J

Thank you Judy I woke up and started to de clutter my home and office! Big thanks -V


Felt very supported my breathing was easier feeling more myself. Beautiful uplifting words felt happy listening. Feeling happier and now have better understanding of whats been going on around me.- R

Day 2 feeling much happier and lighter sleeping like a baby - A

Day 3 Feeling more expanded and happy in my heart more confident - K

Feeling more energy and ready to make changes for the better - S

My buddy was my son and he is sounding happier on the phone and said I love you mum ! Hasn't said that for a while - R

Have noticed a shift in my partner he is responding in a new way! - J