Expanding Consciousness Of Meditation

Judy Browne


Servicing area: Servicing all suburbs and Zoom

Mind Body Soul Wellness Workshop Programs and Sessions

A full retrieval of Sacred Essence of being a Woman with full Connection Passion Authentic Self Confidence. Aligning you to your own unique self of being sacred woman.

When you fall in love with your self you are in full connection to your divine self and this is when all gifts will open up for you like a rose in full bloom. This is called the ESSENCE OF WOMAN and you have your own unique coded Sacred Blue Print

Workshops Programs

2 Session Package - Heal Transform Thrive

Time to talk about what’s happening

This is not your usual healing this is an elevated look into your souls journey and how this is playing out in your life today. We work closely with the Mind your physical body releasing trauma wounding habits wounding addictions. Wellness is everything without vitality we cannot function properly. I am here to support you in a whole new way.

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Expanding Consciousness Of Meditation