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Magickal Bodies

Magickal Bodies

Byford WA 6122

Focus area: Meditation Reiki massage Sound healing ...

Are You Feeling Stessed, Tired, Anxious, Emotionally Drained

Or Just Need Some Time Out To Rebalance Your Energy Centres.

Body, Mind, Soul & Emotional Healing in a Safe Space at my studio in Byford on the Scarp for female clients only

I offer Sound Massage

Harmony Me Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing, Meditation

Sound Healing/Meditation Circles

 Body Relaxation Massage

Contact me for enquiries or a friendly obligation free consult at magickalbodies@outlook.com  or 0409 538 378

My Aim Is For You To Feel Relaxed, Renewed, Restored & Bring Your Whole Being Back Into Harmony.

A little about me and my business

I am a Holistic Therapist, Sound Therapist, Meditation Teacher & Certified Reiki Practioner. I have been using my healing gifts for most of adult life.

I provide a professional service in a safe space at my home studio located in the beautiful Byford on the Scarp.

My aim is for you to be relaxed, renewed & restored.




Magickal Bodies

Open By Appointment Outside of Hours Advertised

Female Clients Only


Sound Massage

60 Min $69

A holistic treatment where therapeutic singing bowls and fen gongs are gently played on a dressed body and around your health aura field.

Calming harmonic sounds combined with the gentle vibrations will spread in concentric waves throughout the body too quickly induce a feeling of well being and facilitate a state of mental and physical relaxation. Gently break away tensions with a nurturing gently massage at a cellular level.

A truely immersive treatment using meditation techniques combined with therapeutic bowls and fen gongs played on and around your body which will leave you feeling Realaxed Renewed & Restored.

Harmony Me Healing

Energy Healing for the body mind and soul 90 min or more if required and time allows $129

Hands on ( also known as Reiki)

Hands Off ( Aura, Chakra balancing, Gridding)

Energy Healing is delivered to your body mind soul & emotions using a gentle combination of healing modalities Let your cares and dis-ease float away.

This treatment involves a personal smudging, meditation, aura and chakra energy healings using hands of and hands on techniques then we finish with a back massage or some sound work and a holistic chat.

Chakra Balancing

30 min $39 Add on to Massage treatment

Using my pendulum, essential oils & intuition & I bring Balance back to your energy sysytems.


Learn the basics of meditation $59 per hour.

Learn the basic Meditation Styles, Techniques, Poses and Positions. Breath work,Chakras and Energy Meditations. Experience Guided Meditations & Visualisation, Mantras and affirmations in Meditation.

For a total body relaxation and healing experience join our sound meditation cicles.

Sound Meditation Circles


Price Varies

Please conatct me directly for mobile sound meditation for your next event IE Girls night in, Baby Showers, Hens Nights.

(Follow Magickal Bodies on Face Book for Events}

We begin by stilling ourselves to create an intention

Breath work is used to relax the body & the energy systems to prepare to receive the sound

You can lie down or be seated & are led into a guided body relaxation followed by a guided visualization into deep relaxation

It is then therapeutic instruments are played. The calming harmonic concentric wave sounds combined will spread throughout and quickly induce feelings of well being

You are gentle brought out of deep relaxation.
You are given time for Reflection

Light refreshment served afterwards

Price Varies, Mobile service available for private events, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Girls Nights In, Baby Showers just email me with your ideas and together we can come up with a plan.

Relaxation Body Massage ( Female Clients only)

60 min $69

As the name suggest this massage focuses on your relaxation by using long smooth gliding strokes and kneading that are both rhythmic and flowing furthermore creating a Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful. A tranquil treatment designed to relax and soothe your Body, Mind and Soul.

Holistic Counselling

60 Min $59

Holistic Counselling may help you achieve;
Greater self awareness and self acceptance
A more peaceful, centred approach to life
Greater health, vitality, emotional well being
A deepened sense of spirituality
A greater ability to cope with stress
Enhanced feelings of optimism and self esteem.

Holistic counselling focuses on you as a whole, Body, Mind, Soul and Emotions. Find the wholeness of you and acquire transformative tools to become who you want to be.


Qualification details

IMTTA Certificate Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development & Holistic Counselling & Life Coaching & Chair yoga. Peter Hess Certificate Level 1 & 2 Sound Massage Cert In Relaxation Body Massage Practitioner Level Harmony Me Healing Reiki Level 1 & 2

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