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Yogaplex Yoga School at Magpie House Upwey

Magpie House opposite station
48 Main St
Upwey VIC 3158

Servicing area: Upwey, Knox, Ferntree Gully, Belgrave, Rowville, Tecoma, Boronia, Bayswater and surrounds

Yogaplex Yoga School at Magpie House Upwey
Looking for a professional Yoga Class in the greater Upwey area? Then look no further than George Neo here at Magpie House. Beginners, Advanced & One-On-One Yoga Classes available

***Mention Natural Therapy Pages for an unlimited $25 10 day yoga pass***

Yogaplex Yoga School at Magpie House - Yogaplex Classes

Yoga is timeless, wholistic and complete, unlike many derivatives of our modern age, the Fitness industry purely physical, the transient focusing on Glamour, or purely Celestial New Age fervour. Yoga includes ALL, food is also moderated.

What Is Yogaplex

Yogaplex combines the particulars of Yoga (meaning union of Body, Mind & Spirit or merging the individual with the Universal Consciousness) & Plexus, the central hub of an interconnecting network. Yoga concerns itself with the movement and manipulation of energy in the human frame in a wholistic way and as such is a science with spiritual affiliations.

Unlike other activities, there are no mindless repetitions nor building bulk in specific parts of the body, both physical (asanas) and mental (pranayama or breathing meditation) activities are done with full awareness in order to enhance consciousness that spills over into everyday life as well.

Yoga Classes On Offer

  • Dynamic Yoga Classes
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Restorative Classes
  • General Classes
  • Yoga for Youths
  • Advanced Classes
  • Yoga Therapy
  • One-On-One Classes


Call 03 9752 5838 to organise your next Yoga Class

Information About Our Most Popular Yoga Classes

Dynamic Classes: These classes embody principles of Iyengar & Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, connecting series of scientifically selected postures with breath into dynamically challenging movement in meditation.

Pre-Natal & Mums with Bubs: This is a physical, emotional and spiritual yoga practice support for pregnancy and motherhood (+ babysitting).

Gentle / Restorative: Suits beginners, seniors, pre-natal or those with special needs and explodes the myth of needing flexibility in order to do yoga. Also very useful to restore your yoga skills and prepare yourself for the Dynamic class. There is also a Special Offer that encourages this.

For All: Similar to the gentle / restorative class, we blend tools for meditation, pranyama (breath control), relaxation and spiritual concepts.

Yoga For Youth: Normally for 5-17 year olds, this is a fun class that is also open to adults provided they behave themselves and don't disrupt riotous behaviour.

Advanced Yoga: Offered by special arrangement for Yoga Practitioners & established students. This class can include full Ashtanga or other advanced series with a greater emphasis on inversions, hand balances, twists, backbends & advanced pranayama techniques and philosophy.

Yoga Therapy & One-On-One Classes: Personal attention for virtually all ailments including elderly, disabled or chronic injury, or for enhancing personal progress towards advanced Yoga status.

Why Should You Try Yoga?

Regular practice of Yoga improves circulation and resistance to illness, by not only stimulating, massaging and stretching the muscular system, but the organs and glands as well. Strength and flexibility of the spinal column is emphasised contributing to a sense of well-being relieving neck & back problems,

Yoga is recognised as one of the most powerful ways to ease stress & tension for both over-active types and those who are tired and lethargic, releasing energy in order to feel totally refreshed and revitalised after an hour's practice, better able to cope with life's business.

Why Come & See George Neo?

George Neo, Yogaplex's principal with 20 years experience of Gita, Iyengar & Ashtanga Hatha Yoga styles & philosophy maintains that one of the most common misconceptions of Yoga is that flexibility is required to do the practice. In fact the more restrictions one has the greater the scope of benefits.

We all start out as beginners so regardless of your condition a class is there for you with follow-up terms leading to intermediate and advances levels as you grow.


"I've been looking for the perfect yoga studio that is 'real'. George Neo makes yoga restorative, physical and he is a brilliant teacher. No class is ever the same and his contortions are motivational and inspiring. A real
treasure find."
Renee Feb 2012.

"Only been practicing seriously for this term. George is a fantastic teacher, challenges you to go further & deeper. Will continue a life long practice."
Kate Dec 2012

"George thank you for beautiful yoga workshop. The best Yoga ever. Very
good combine with saturday double session. Great feel in spine & chest release."
Rudolf Dec 2012

"I am very interested in doing a teacher training programme with you,as I believe you are the best in Victoria. If you may be interested I would be honoured to have you as my teacher."
Belinda February 2014

"Awesome place that you don't have to travel to Byron Bay for."
Kirsten November 2011


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For more information about any of the Yogaplex Classes that we offer or to enrol in your next class, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today.

Qualification Details

  • Yoga Arts Certificate IV in Yoga Teacher Training 500 hours 19 December 2003
  • Body Yoga Yoga Teaching Certificate 200 hour 4 March 2003
  • Body Yoga Yoga Teaching Diploma September 2004

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