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Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Psychotherapy

Laura Hvala

4 Collier St
Woodend VIC 3442

Servicing area: Woodend, Macedon Ranges & Bendigo Region

Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Psychotherapy
Soul Centered Psychotherapy & Counselling supports the growth of new ways of engaging in relationship with oneself and others while living authentically and creatively in the world.

Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Counselling Psychotherapy

Soul Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling is an integrative and psychodynamic approach that attends to the subjective experience of one's feelings, thoughts, beliefs and spirituality; where the interpersonal & empathic relationship of the client and therapist is central to the exploration of conscious and unconscious behaviours, emotional experiences, beliefs and attitudes. It supports the growth of new ways of engaging in relationship with oneself and others while living authentically, meaningfully and creatively in the world.

How would I benefit from Soul Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling?

  • Participate in an intentional empathic therapeutic relationship, which is central to the in-depth exploration of conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Develop mindfulness, body awareness and internal focus, while consciously attending to the inner word of sensations, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, impulses, creative urges, motivations and behaviours.
  • Attend to ones subjective experience as it unfolds moment by moment
  • Engage in the resolution of traumatic physical and emotional experience and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS);
  • Utilise Energy Psychology to process conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality, through techniques such as: Muscle Testing, Matrix Meridian Therapy (Thought Field Therapy / TFT) ; Bilateral work (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing /EMDR); together with other mind-body and energy protocols.
  • Experience Sandplay therapy to resolve core patterns of conflict.
  • Analyse the meaning of dreams, myths and synchronicity in relation to an individuals life story;
  • Develop the language of the unconscious - through the symbolic, and imaginal world of dreams, myths, metaphor, archetypal images and synchronicity.
  • Experience Hypnotherapy, Trance work and Psychodynamic Parts therapy.
  • Develop personal resources and resilience through the neurological and analytical processes of differentiation and integration
  • Develop a coherent autobiographical narrative that is resolved and meaningful
  • Develop a deep and authentic sense of Self through the processes of Differentiation, Integration and Individuation

Definitions and terms Psychotherapy & Counselling

Holistic /Body oriented approach Holistic or Body oriented approaches works from the premise that mind and body, psyche and soma, are not separate but inextricably linked aspects of a persons whole being.

Experiential processing values an individuals subjective experience as it unfolds moment by moment bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and spirituality are valued as interrelated aspects of how one organises experiences and habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Integrative therapy is an interdisciplinary approach of the whole person: feeling, body, mind and spirit, where the empathic phychotherapeutic relationship is central to the exploration of conscious and unconscious behaviours, emotional experiences, beliefs and attitudes. Integrative therapy supports the growth of new ways of engaging in relationship with oneself and others while living authentically and creatively in the world. It draws on a range of theory personality and character development, patterns of attachment, emotion, human development, embodiment, neurobiology, trauma theory and contemporary psychodynamic and analytic theory and practice.

Psychodynamic therapy perceives the individual as an agent in his or her own behaviour, not merely a consequence of many stimuli from the environment. It seeks to help individuals understand the unconscious meaning - that is the dynamics of their personality and their troubling symptoms. This form of depth psychology emphasizes the empathic therapeutic relationship and tends to be briefer and less intensive than psychoanalysis. Like integrative therapy it utilizes various techniques from a variety of sources rather than relying on a single system of intervention.

Mindfulness Attending to the moment by moment thoughts, feelings and body sensations, while developing body awareness and symbolic processing. 

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) based on current research in mind/body healing that incorporate processes in sequential meridian tapping, muscle testing, that have arisen from this research, such as TFT, EFT, etc which make the premise that all illness is due to a disruption in the bodys energy system. 

EMDR: Eye Movement, Desensitisation Reprocessing / Bi-Lateral Stimulation Processing has risen out of the body of research stimulated by mind/body approaches to healing, including EMDR and energy psychology. Incorporates muscle testing, sound and kinaesthetic processing, as well as eye movements. 

Mind Body Energy Psychology - via Matrix meridian & chakra clearing systematically acknowledging unwanted beliefs and patterns based at the levels of the meridians and Chakra systems, followed by rebalancing and installation of a positive state. 

Trance Therapy /Hypnotherapy involves relaxation, and change of undesirable patterns and habits (stress, moods, nervous disorders, habits, obsessions, compulsions) at the level of the unconscious processes, as well as accessing positive states and creativity. 

Dream Work Linking the unconscious and conscious messages to gain new meanings. Understanding your personal symbolic communication. 

Myth, Metaphor, Symbols, Sandplay & Personal Stories: cultural mythology, religious stories and fairy tales are organised around collective symbolic archetypes that can be integrated through psychological processes, such as dream analysis or Sandplay therapy, to gain insight and understanding of personal challenges in our own life story, to accept and appreciate the indiduality and significance of our unique life experiences. 

Qualification Details

Laura Hvala - Naturopath, Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Sandplay Therapist
Masters Counselling & Psychotherapy; Soul Centred Psychotherapist; Sandplay Therapist; BHSc Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Therapy; DipEd Specialist Education; BSc Anatomy Physiology, Biochemistry.
Association Member: Member: NHAA 154365; PACFA Clinical 22004.

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