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Meera Allen

Manifesting Destiny

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A lifelong vegetarian committed to daily meditation practice, Meera is passionate about music, yoga and inner harmony. She loves sharing her peaceful, energetic presence and the stories of her fascinating guests, in the process empowering her audience to create a more holistic life and discover new music.

Manifesting Destiny

Focus areas

Numerology Energy Yoga nidra Subconscious Tapping Conception

Over the last decade Meera has travelled extensively. A trip to an ashram in India enriched her yoga practice. Starting a Brazilian capoeira academy in Sydney deepened her connection to the physical body and the power of music and dance. Meera teaches a range of yoga classes throughout Sydney each week for a range of students.


21 DAY Lifestyle Change

You are ready to Ignite the Spark of Change in your life with clear intention.

It takes 21 days to change a habit and to have 21 days of clarity with your own personal life styling guide, daily contact with Meera is a life changer. A complete re-invention of yourself is possible in this time. 

Attain clarity and the insight on how to steer your mind and body into the right direction and prepare yourself for the year and cycles that lie ahead for you. 

You will Receive: 

  1. CONCEPTION: Full written Numerology and astrological Chart& ForecastFirstly, Who are you? When were you born? Where did you take your first breath and how does this influence your personal characteristics now? You are given the tools to understand clearly the current point of your life situation with awareness, accuracy and relevance to you. (cards, visual guidance, chakra exercises, crystals and other tools may be used intuitively) 

  2. IDENTITY: Neuro Linguistic Programming Sessions
    Reprogramming your mind is the first step to profound change in the inner worlds to reflect the outer world.
    Meera will customise sessions with you to identify and create the neuro-plasticity to accomplish your desired outcome using various NLP techniques.

  3. EMOTION: Emotional Freedom TechniqueEmotional freedom technique involves a physical tapping and release through specific points in the body. Often passed blocks are stored in the body and once they are released flow and a new perspective can commence naturally. (yoga breath, cards, visual guidance, chakra exercises, crystals and other tools may be used intuitively) 

  4. ENERGY: Colour Therapy combined with practical placement advice to adjust energy flow in the home or office.This powerful session equips you personally as well as give you the tools to influence your most important space; Your Home, where you live eat, cleanse and rest. Gain insights on the auspicious aspects of your home to boost prosperity and health through a harmonious flow of energy.

  5. SUBCONSCIOUS: Personalised Yoga Nidra

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