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Come to beautiful Margaret River, Western Australia on your path to health and wellness!

Hypnotherapy, Yoga & Wellness

Your Guide to Total  Wellness

The gateway to total health and wellness is seated in the heart of Margaret River, WA. Amidst beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature and sumptuous food and wine, find peace and clarity in a four-day hypnotherapy retreat with Margaret River Life-Changing Retreats.

Led by Sandra Bradford and Sarah Date, we are a team of health practitioners who are committed to delivering a healing, life-changing experience.

Also major contributors to our welcoming retreats are Camilla Nielsen and Ben Cane. Get to know them better here.

Sandra Bradford - Clinical Therapist/Hypnotherapy Specialist

Sandra has been practicing hypnotherapy for more than 15 years, providing counselling and therapy services to couples, families, individuals and groups. She specialises in the treatment of trauma, including early childhood trauma and abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction problems. 

She is also responsible for initiating domestic violence and has travelled around Australia and to different countries to help refugees and people seeking asylum.

Sandra serves as life coach and EAP counsellor of many Australian and overseas companies, as well as various organisations. As a single mother, she would always encourage her two daughters to follow their heart and embrace their uniqueness.

Her words of encouragement and loving ways are channelled into our retreats, which effectively change people's perspective and make their ideal weight achievable. Sandra has helped many people, who had previously undergone gastric band surgery, regain full control of their lives through hypnotherapy. Like them, you too can achieve your goals with Sandra's helpful tools.

Sarah Date - Yogini/Event Producer

As a professional yoga instructor, Sarah uses her knowledge and skills to heal the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. Creating a wellness platform for people seeking to improve their health and lives is one of the reasons for her happiness; the other reason is leaving her career in corporate media events to set up a business in the wellness space. 

Sarah's passion to travel has helped her connect with and understand different cultures. Originally from England, her desire to see the world took her to Peru, France, Greece, Italy and the United States. 

Camilla Nielsen - Chef

As a private chef, Camilla believes that food should look good, taste good and be good. Living by this motto, she cooks with seasonal ingredients to ensure every dish bursts with flavour and looks amazingly appetising.

Camilla has spent several years in the hospitality industry, which served as her avenue to entertain people, experiment with different ingredients and whip up healthy, savory meals.

She's also a passionate traveler and has been to different cooking schools around the world, which contributed a great deal to her cooking arsenal.

Ben Cane - Winemaker

Ben's exemplary winemaking techniques and vineyard management skills has led him to big opportunities in famous wine regions around the world, including Sonoma and Napa in California; Burgundy, France; Barolo, Italy; and Barossa and Yarra Valleys in Australia.

He is currently the winemaker of Cape Mentelle, one of the leading wineries in Margaret River, and finds joy in engaging with locals and visitors, sharing his vast knowledge and passion for grapes.

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Qualification details

Sandra Bradford
Bachelor of Arts in Counselling
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Masters of Applied Social Sciences
Certificate in Hypnotherapy
Member, Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Sarah Date
Certificate in Yoga Teaching
Certificate in Therapeutic Yoga
Margaret River Clinical Practice & Margaret River Life Changing Retreats