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Maria Gordie Energy Healing

Focus area: Energetic healing Chakra balancing

This practitioner is currently unavailable.

I am passionate about aligning chakras, grounding and balancing the Energy of Earth and the Source within the human’s body. To achieve all the above I use Reiki Energy Healing, Breathwork and Guided Healing Meditations.

Maria Gordie - Serivces

Reiki Energy Healing Online

Reiki is an energy healing modality that came from Japan and can be used only for the highest and greatest good of all. Reiki is a very gentle and not invasive practice – receiving Reiki can be described as a highly pleasant experience, after the session people mostly feel unconditional bliss, tranquillity and harmony. 

The session is conducted with a patient in a deep meditative state while comfortably lying or seating down with the neutral spine. My clients first go through grounding and Source connecting ritual accompanied by gentle breathing exercises according to the individual’s needs, followed by profound energy work and releasing whatever is not serving anymore and revitalizing one’s Energy System.

The great thing about reiki is that it can be used on a distance, but not only that, reiki has also had an ability to travel through time – so if you have an issue that bothers you and does not allow you to sleep at night, soothing energy of reiki could be sent back in time to this situation to be healed – it, of course, not going to change the past, but will certainly help you to make a piece with it. Sometimes people are worried about special events which are planned for the future date, good news – reiki can be sent to the future as well and make the event to go rather smooth for you (by no means if violates the natural flow of life, but just helping the parties involved in the future situation to act upon their true intentions and stay as present as possible).

$60 online per hour

*Enquire for Face-to-Face sessions - $80 per hour

Meditation and Breathwork Classes Online

I have been a meditator for a decade now and have recently got qualified as a Meditation Coach. My guided meditations lean towards been very healing and sometimes even esoteric and deeply spiritual. I love working with chakras, guided visualisations, passionate about introducing my students to their Higher Self (I have free guided meditation on meeting your Higher Self available on my YoutTube channel) and getting them aware of their soul support system – such as angels, passed over loved ones, spirit guides. Through my meditations I teach my students how to work with grounding, how to connect to the Source/ Universe for a guidance and the most importantly – how to protect themselves from any lower or lesser energies.  
Breathwork is an important part of the class. I am, myself, have medical history with asthma and only correctly tailored breathwork helped me to leave the puffer in my past. Breathe is quite underestimated in the modern society, we take it for granted and don’t even realize how profound correct breathing can be for our body and nervouse system in particular. It’s impressive how many people do know that their breathing patterns are simply incorrect, each of my clients go through breath pattern reboot and testimonials I receive are just incredible – mood improves, blood pressure normalizing, weight reduce and general happiness rises along with the quality of life – how beautiful is that.

Individual - $40 per class (approx. 45min-60min)

Class - $10 per person per class (approx. 45min-60min)

Energy Dynamics in Romantic Relationships ONLINE NEW  

Energy dynamics in romantic relationships is my newly developed program which is dedicated to aligning and balancing energy dynamics in a couple (I work with both straight and gay couples).

Do you feel like you and your partner speak totally different languages lately? There is not much of the understanding? Intimate connection is gravitating towards zero?  The majority of the couples in this world go through such rough patches, some of them are able to work through those problems, some of them end up finishing the relationship.

I wish the best for you both and here to help you to push beyond those blocks which are stopping you from living this great life you used to have together.

The program is based on working with the energy systems of each partner individually as a first step, checking on the areas of imbalance, releasing negative patterns and energies. And then moving towards sessions there both partners are present on the session at the same time - at this stage, deep energy aligning work is taking place.

The intended outcome of the program is a couple who have a deeper understanding of one another and have established a nice deep connection on an intimate level.

Couple’s Therapy – 70 per hour 

**Please inquire for face to face sessions – $90 per hour

Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Qualification details

Certified Reiki Energy Healer

Certified Meditation and Breathwork Coach

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