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Marie Powell

Marie Powell

Canning Vale WA 6155

Servicing area: Canning Vale, Piara Waters, Harrisdale, Leeming, Willetton, Jandakot, Southern River

Marie Powell

Weight Loss issues / Bulimia

Stress Anxiety Help

Quit Smoking Permanently / Alcohol moderation

Fears- Flying, Heights, Driving, Public Speaking

Stop Habits - Nail biting, Hair pulling, Eyelash pulling/ Trichotillomania

Canning Vale Willetton

Marie Powell

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You can change at any stage in your life.

Change can increase your wellbeing and good feelings about yourself.

If you are ready to make a change in your life give me a call. I listen and have the methods and experience to help facilitate comfortable change to improve your life.

If your issue is not listed here please give me a call or send an email.

Please read some testimonials below.

Appointments are available during the week and Saturday
(After 5pm appointments can be made.)


"Marie, I can say with conviction that I HAVE quit smoking. I was the last one at work and never thought I could completely let it go. I have not 'bummed' one and it doesn't bother me if others are smoking. I've left it till this long to that's almost two years now. The calendar turns this week, so I thought of you!...and it will be in the past another year. If you are reading this and want to quit, do what I did and ring Marie".
Thanks Marie, Evie M. Bull Creek

"I was seeking a natural method to help me with stress and anxiety. The sessions with Marie really helped.  I have a lot more enthusiasm and energy. Highly Recommended ***** "
Don J.


"My bitten, chewed nails have always been an embarrassment to me, particularly when completing paperwork with clients and in close contact with peers and new people I meet.
I wanted to stop. I had hypnosis for the nails, gave it away straight away. Looking at them now they look good, normal. I wish I had heard about Hypnosis earlier! Cheers, Ian. "

Ian Westwood. Sth Lakes


"You helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and low self confidence issues. Since then I have had a promotion at work, I am able to speak up, to give presentations and have also developed my hobby business, selling my jewellery! Thank you".
Junie W. Leeming


" After being over weight for most of my life, I decided at 41yrs I was no longer going to be on an eternal diet. I joined a weight loss programme but I also felt that I needed to recondition my lifetime of over eating and self indulgent food habits and I thought that hypnotherapy would assist. From the moment Marie welcomed me into her office I knew I was in good hands. Marie listened to my problems and genuinely cared about my concerns and then helped me with my food issues along with several other concerns I had. Over the course of 8 months I lost 58kgs with my diet and Marie's help to keep me on track. I have a different perspective on food and can now rationalise my eating habits to keep me trim and in tip top shape. I honestly believe that I would not have stuck with my weight loss programme, or continue to maintain my lifestyle change without Marie's assistance. I am indebted to Marie and cannot thank her enough for her help and support".
Lindsey, Bedfordale. WA


"I came to see Marie initially for help with my (old) fear of flying. She was fantastic! Her approach worked and I flew to Singapore without a hitch....followed by New Zealand....and now I am looking forward to a trip to Europe later this year !! In the past I would have been white-knuckled and hyperventilating, but now I am calm and really look forward to having a lovely rest on the plane. Thanks so very much Marie !! Travel is so dear to me and now I can fly with confidence and excitement".
Tereena. Perth 

You can free yourself of unwanted habits!
Leave bad habits behind' such as nail biting /smoking /hair pulling, etc.,
Stop cravings and unnecessary eating for Weight Loss.


HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS helped Mark to cut out between meal 'snacking' and unhealthy foods. The real reward after his healthy change and successful weight loss is the way Mark feels about himself now. He tells me "I am just not thinking about food all the time and I have a new energy, I feel Great!"


Concerned about your Alcohol intake?

"Our Fri night/Sat night drink became a habit during the week, after work and evening. This was impacting on our clarity and motivation the next day.  Sessions with Marie helped put a stop to this.  We have control and choice back, feeling better too."

Dan & Marg.

Stress issues often become health issues.
Stress affects not only you but also the people around you. Release anxiety in a completely natural way.

People ask me 'what does it feel like'?

In the trance state of Hypnosis you feel deeply relaxed. After Hypnosis people have described the feeling as being 'refreshed' and a wonderful feeling of 'peaceful well-being'.
With NLP you are active in the process, it is enjoyable and you gain insights and new perceptions.

Some of the issues that I have helped people with are:

    • Quit Smoking
    • Weight Management
    • Support in Eating Disorder recovery
    • Healthier eating choices
    • Releasing stress and Worry
    • Fears, Phobias
    • Fear of Public Speaking/Flying
    • Quit Nail Biting, Hair pulling
    • Reduce Alcohol
    • Painful Breakups, Releasing Guilt, Anger, Remorse, Jealousy
    • Enhanced Self esteem and Confidence
    • Interview confidence



Do you want a better life?

You can change the way you think and respond, increase your confidence, find yourself with more satisfaction, well being and feel much happier.

"Things do not change, we change"
Henry David Thoreau.


If you are thinking about making changes in your life or just simply want to know more, then call me, Marie
- (t) 6252 0931 or (m) 0411 515 802
Call Anytime



Qualification Details

I look forward to helping you in your desire to improve your life. My sessions are positive and uplifting.
Trained by Master hypnotists Dr Ric Collingwood & John Vernes, NLP leaders Gary De Rodriguez and Brett Ellis, Neuro Semantics' Dr Michael Hall. This enables me to bring you the most effective techniques which effect change 'now'.

  • Diploma of Hypnosis
  • Adv. Diploma of Hypnosis, Aust. Academy of Hypnosis
  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy (Tad James Academy)
  • Neuro Semantics Meta Coaching (Michael Hall Colorado USA)
  • Parts Therapy/ Parts Integration/ Ego State Therapy
  • Past Life Regression Therapy (Delores Cannon Technique USA)
  • Psych-k
  • Natural Therapist
  • Member of Hypnotherapist Associations listed below.

    Member of the following Associations:
  • Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia
  • National Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • Aust. Hypnotherapists of Australia.
  • 35 years experience teaching relaxation and stress management.Yoga teacher.

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    Marie Powell, Hypnotherapist, Willetton, Western Australia

    Through Hypnosis, and NLP I can assist you to achieve the positive changes that you want, to improve your life and your wellbeing.