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Intuitive Healing

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Servicing area: Crows Nest, Sydney. Gerringong, Kiama, Berry

Intuitive Healing

All matter has an energy field (or electromagnetic field), including the human body. This field has been verified by scientific instruments and specialised photography.

Intuitive Healing

Energy Healing

The state of our energy field directly determines our mental, physical, and emotional health. Additionally, it also impacts our relationships, our ability to affect positive changes in our lives, our sense of inner peace, our abundance, literally every aspect of our life. When we are withdrawn, angry or relaxed it affects the vibrational energy that we radiate.

At Intuitive Healing, I can access and transform patterns of energy. These patterns are biological information fields which form an active, constantly resonating matrix. The vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be transformed, which allows a practitioner to collapse the current reality, such as a blockage or an injury pattern and inject new positive information to develop new possibilities that are more beneficial.

Possible Outcomes

    • Reduced pain or physical tension
    • Detachment towards formerly irritating experiences
    • better able to make heart-centred decisions
    • Feel more relaxed and peaceful
    • Full of energy
    • Aware of increased synchronicity in your life
    • And more…

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