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Forensic Healing System - Advanced Energy Healing

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Marisa Russo
Address 1100 High ST
Armadale VIC 3143
Servicing Areas International
Phone 1300 590 453

Not Sure About Starting Our Diploma Training? Try the Forensic Healing Online Introductory Course
This course has been designed to help you get started in Forensic Healing and develop investigative and intuitive skill sets.

Begin with Forensic Healing Essentials

Forensic Healing Essentials home study course with video and text-based learning has been created with all the building blocks to become a diploma-qualified Forensic Healer. These healing methods will see you reading the body and learning the keys behind the Forensic Healing System structures.

Forensic Healing Essentials Course on Sale $137 $67

Who Should Study The Course?
Get this course if you are serious about beginning a career in alternative health and holistic healing. You may be a health practitioner, masseur, reiki healer, kinesiologist or complementary therapist wanting to extend your skills. There are no prerequisites to study this course.

Course Contents
Forensic Healing involves profiling people’s patterns, collecting evidence about a condition and applying healing pathways to bring the client’s body into alignment and help them move forward in their life. I have found that the core problem in all conditions is damaged DNA. Identifying the cause of damaged DNA allows specific healing vibrations to be targeted for reconnecting and realigning the DNA. This course covers some key methods and learnings from the Principles course and touches on aspects of the other four advanced courses.

You will learn a combination of ancient and contemporary natural healing techniques to facilitate healing. The package includes a 80 page online training manual with theory and practical exercises. PLUS 2 x online training videos covering mostly practical demonstrations of techniques. The course gives you free access to the Forensic Healing Facebook and practitioner forums.

Here's What You'll Discover and Receive

  • Learn a systematic approach to solve physical, emotional and spiritual issues

  • Discover how to read the body to analyse the cause behind a person’s condition

  • Learn new ‘forensic’ healing methods

  • Get personal benefit - feel balanced and revitalized

  • Be more prepared for a successful healing career

  • An 80-page online training manual (theory and practical exercises)

  • 2 x online training videos (some theory, but mostly practical demonstrations of techniques)

  • Login access to Practitioner Area to download additional resources.

Forensic Energy Healing Introductory Online Course on Sale $137 $67

Upcoming Workshops

If you prefer to experience Forensic Healing hands-on then we regularly host one-day Essentials introductory workshops for just $97 including the above manual and DVDs. Here's some upcoming workshop dates:

October 15, 2017: Sydney, Australia - $97*

October 22, 2017: Queensland, Australia - $97*

February 11, 2018: Queensland, Australia - $97*

March 11, 2018: Melbourne, Australia - $97*

April 15, 2018: Perth, Australia - $97*

April 22, 2018: Adelaide, Australia - $97*

May 18, 2018: Sydney, Australia - $97*

7-Day Live Training:

Melbourne, Australia: Oct 29 - Nov 5, 2017
Perth, Australia: Nov 12-19, 2017
Perth, Australia: Feb 17-23, 2018
Adelaide, Australia: March 3 - 9, 2018
Melbourne, Australia: March 19 - 25, 2018
Queensland, Australia: May 19-25, 2018
Queensland, Sydney: July 23-29, 2018
London, UK: April 1-7, 2019

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Call us for information and registration 1300 590 453

* You pay just $50 to repeat the workshop or if you already own the Essential manual/DVDs

Forensic Healing

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