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Do you wish you knew yourself better? Would you like to live a more authentic and meaningful life? No matter how difficult the challenge or goal may be, Marissa can assist you. It only takes one courageous step. Contact Marissa to start your growth and healing journey today!

Life Coach & Counsellor

Servicing area

Brisbane for Face to Face Consultations + Nationally for Zoom and Messenger Consultations and Support

Focus areas

Eating habits Anxiety Purpose Coaching Holistic healing Childhood trauma

Marissa enjoys guiding and mentoring others in their journey to self-discovery, growth, reconnection, and healing. 

She believes we all can live our most authentic, fulfilling lives by experiencing greater wellbeing and joy. 

No matter how small or challenging your issues may seem, therapy, counselling, and life coaching can help you discover, heal, grow and transform your life. 

With her holistic approach to therapy, she honours your mind, body, and spirit as a whole.

As you go through this process, you will understand where you are in the present moment, how to reconnect to yourself and your authenticity, how to integrate and deal with wounded or disowned parts of yourself, and how to flourish as the unique and vibrant being that you are. 

In her role as your holistic therapist, Marissa will employ a variety of therapeutic procedures and holistic modalities based on your needs and preferences, including: 

Talk Therapy

A holistic strength-based approach to counselling and therapy focused on helping you work through life's challenges or overcome personal difficulties.

You’ll also identify, understand, and explore limiting and unhelpful beliefs that contribute to suffering and psychological symptoms.

Somatic and Embodied Processes

Somatic and embodied processes facilitate the identification and integration of emotions, activate the parasympathetic response, and shift habitual emotional patterns. 

It is an incredibly powerful tool to use body awareness, expressive movement and vocalisation techniques to overcome blocks of self-discovery, emotional release and integration.

Mindfulness, Guided Visualisation and Active Imagination

Marissa uses mindfulness, guided imagery, and active imagination as tools for self-discovery, self-resourcing, and healing. 

Using these processes, you can access wisdom and insights from your subconscious, acknowledge and integrate shadow material as well as integrate spiritual and personal resources that will assist you to move forward. 

It is also possible to use these processes to learn more about oneself, specific issues, relationships, and dreams.

Inner Parts and Voice Dialogue Work

Inner parts work, or Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, is a therapeutic approach based on the understanding that everyone has different aspects of themselves or inner parts, some more prominent than others. 

When certain parts of ourselves are separated from or disowned, whether, through trauma, shame, guilt, or non-acceptance, we become imbalanced. These disowned, repressed and split parts will clamour for attention and recognition, and become increasingly louder and more challenging to ignore. 

As we become aware of our inner selves and accept and integrate those parts of us that carry our wounds and trauma, we can attain a sense of internal balance, harmony, and wholeness.

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Marissa’s “Stepping Stones” approach to counselling and mentoring helps you discover your strengths, passions, and purpose, and clear through blocks and self-defeating patterns that may stand in the way of your goals. 

As you set and work towards meaningful life goals and behaviour change, she will help you transform personal blocks and limiting beliefs with compassion and accountability.

Art and Creative Therapy

By drawing on creativity, colour and art therapy practices, Marissa helps clients process emotions, integrate and release them, facilitate self-discovery, and access the powerful emotional, intuitive, and cognitive insights that arise from somatic mindfulness, active imagination, and other depth processes. 

Among her creative methods are colour therapy, symbolism and archetypes, expressive therapy, and personal myths and rituals.

Dream Work

Marissa can help you access the rich insights, wisdom, and communication that your unconscious offers you through your dreaming world by blending Jungian and depth approaches.

Please contact Marissa to schedule an appointment or to learn more about her services.


2 Services

75 minute Face to Face or Zoom Consultations

1hr 15min
Life Coaching Holistic Counselling Holistic Counselling Online Life Coaching Online
$109 Per session

Holistic therapy and life coaching drawing on a range of mind, body, spirit modalities including traditional talk-based counselling, strengths-based coaching and mentoring, somatic and body-based therapy, transpersonal/spiritual and energetic modalities

60 minute therapy sessions (after initial consultation)

Life Coaching Holistic Counselling Holistic Counselling Online Life Coaching Online
$89 Per hour

One hour sessions for ongoing holistic counselling, coaching and psychotherapy support


  • Diploma In Counselling
  • Bachelor In Visual Arts (Honours)
  • Advanced Diploma In Transpersonal Therapy (Ikon Institute of Australia)
  • Advanced Diploma In Art Therapy (Ikon Institute of Australia)

Professional Membership

  • ACA - Australian Counselling Association

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