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Unlocking Your Life

M Hamilton

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Unlocking Your Life

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Unlocking your life

Unlocking Your Life is precisely what we do, focusing on an individuals emotions and how they react to life, so they can live life without reacting to it. Our past will control us and unless it is dealt with in an effective and professional manner. Unlocking your life helps individuals to recognise their hidden potential and take control over their own energy flow so they can control their anger, stress less and lower their levels of anxiety. I work towards unlocking emotional attachments and provide awareness to their energy and instead of using it for negative purposes; channelling the energy towards positive endeavours. When we stop reacting to the difficulties in life, we begin to live; I am able to effectively help you to manage and unlock any unconscious patterns that could be holding you back. You do not need to hide suppress or deny life anymore. Our 1 day workshop are the most effective and affordable approach to getting back on track with living your own life.

About Mark

Hi, my name is Mark Hamilton. I am personally and professionally passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of others, so that they have the ability to overcome their own personal issues. I am not here to judge you, I am simply here to listen and provide you with a different perspective and bring awareness to the unconscious thoughts that have causes the trigger or blockage; this effectively allows you to move on and live a happy and healthy life.Mark has various degrees and natural psychic abilities and depending on what a person needs will offer each one depending what the person feels they need.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Mark a call! Otherwise just book into the 1 day workshops through our website:

Qualification Details

Psychology degree
Gestalt Therapy Degree
Various others

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