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Unlocking Your Life

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Unlocking Your Life

Unlocking your life offers free 15-20min online medical intuitive consultation, just contact us to book in or Mark 0421 047 347.

If you would like to know more about how you cannot just feel less worry, stress and anxious but know that you are and have the tools to stay there, then keep reading and see what option best fits your needs.

Unlocking Your Life - Services

Our services will help you:

  • Move forward & clear the stale energy

  • Feel refreshed & lift the burdens

  • Gain perspective & diminish blocks

  • Acknowledge the past & break the repetitious cycles

  • Find confidence & eliminate self doubt

  • Gain energy & live with purpose

Intuitive Energy Clearing ∼ Move forward and clear stale energy blocks ∼ Feel refreshed and lift burdens

Blocks are common in almost all people, however are very miss understood or misinterpreted. Over time these blocks cause us to emotionally react to life and can manifest into many illnesses. This unique technique allows blocks to be dissolved and leave the body so that new energy can flow and healing can take place. This safe and non-intrusive method and can also be performed online.


Online – $30 (20min)

In-Home/Park – $110 (50min) Gold Coast to Brisbane. Save 10% when in a park near me.

To book your Therapy or Coaching appointment email or phone 0421 047 347

Mind Body Soul Workshop

Have you ever wondered how energy works within us or even how to manifest more? Well this is it. A one day workshop that explains, motivates and shifts energy. With small, simple techniques that you can learn and embody to enable you to have abundant amounts of energy for life. This will allow you to get out and grab life, instead of reacting to it. As one of our participants said, “Words cannot truly describe these workshops, it’s an experience, it’s learning about the deeper inner you, its acknowledging our blocks and understanding how it triggers you and then moving past this, its releasing the old energy and gaining new, it’s experiencing your soul.”

Pricing – $150 (early-bird) – $250 (last 2 weeks) Subject to availability

Mind Body Soul, our one day workshop is exclusively tailored to adults to ensure all participants have undergone the emotional brain development period that usually occurs between 13-17 years of age. We currently run this workshop on the Gold Coast, however in time will offer these in various cities around Australia. Although these workshops are for individuals we can offer packages for companies upon requested. If you would like more information or to receive your free medical intuituve session contact us.


1 day Workshops $250 including meals and workbooks currently available at our Gold Coast location

To book your seat in the Mind, Body, Soul Workshop follow the link or email us below, or phone 0421 047 347

Therapy & Coaching

We understand that therapy and coaching are different, however they have very similar attributes; as they both bring awareness for someone to move forward and grow in a deep manor. These session are tailored to your specific needs and can be easily adapted to your needs. This non bias approach is not to tell you what to do but guide you to where you want to be, whether you want to resolve an issue from the past, present or plan for the future we are here to support you through this process. Sometimes as we grow we build walls to protect us and obscure our view from seeing the answers that are deep within us; we see this through how we behave and the way we use patterned behaviors. Body language and repeated patterns can tell us the story more clearly, highlighting underlying causes from the past, giving us clues to the future we want or perhaps the future we are subconsciously hiding from, so bringing awareness to this is the vital first step to moving forward in life.


Online – $110 1hr – $150 1.5hrs

In-Home/Park – $150 1hr or $190 1.5hrs Gold Coast to Brisbane. Save 10% when in a park near me.
To book your Therapy or Coaching appointment email or phone 0421 047 347

Nutritional Cleansing

Food, something that is used and abused everywhere in the world. Mark Anthony Hamilton founder of Unlocking Your Life was addicted to food for more than 25 years and tried so many programs and medications but found nothing that worked long term until a few years ago. Mark learned that his toxic build up from eating lollies and bad food most of his life stopped him from losing weight and working at a peak level. Within just 3 months he lost 22kg, however losing the weight is just the bonus to restoring our body so it can function as it was designed to, it is so much more about our full health that just weight loss. Over the years he has seen people gain lean muscle, balance their health, gain energy, stop addictions, reduce and stop anxiety, stress and hyperactivity and even some say it has save their lives. This system is so fantastic it even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The reality is that many people do not do their own research or remain stuck with other peoples opinions, so we recommend that you do your own research and make sure it fits into your lifestyle. Don’t make excuses, just get started today, find the right system for your individual needs.

As a human we are meant to use food to fuel our body, yet we also abuse it and use it suppress ourselves in life and use it as a mask to make us temporarily feel better. Much of our food today is full of toxins and does not have the nutritional benefits it once had just 30 yeas ago. The reality is that these toxins are not just in our food but everywhere in life and enters our body without us even knowing it. What we breathe, touch and ingest is important for optimal health and the first step is to realise and the second step is to take action and do something about it.

It is OK to be scared and not know the outcome, but if you are ready to truely makke a change lets chat to see if this system is the right fit for you..

We run 45 min information and taste sessions in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in-home every few weeks and we would love to see you there.

Alternately you can click the link below and view the products and watch some videos about the system; with an open mind.


There are a number of systems available depending on your goals and budget. Systems start from approimimately $7/day including 1 meal and vitamins and range up to $24/day including 2 meals, snacks, vitamins, and much, much more.

To book your Nutritional Cleansing consutlation or your seat at the next tasting event email below or phone 0421 017 347

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