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Mark Wells

Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre
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Servicing area: Located in Kew, servicing all Melbourne VIC suburbs

Mark Wells - Wells Naturopathic Centre
35 years of experience as a Naturopath, Iridologist and Counsellor, and a published author

Mark Wells - Wells Naturopathic Centre

“I have over 30 years of experience in private practice. In that time, I have refined my interpretive skills, especially in Iris Diagnosis, to enable me to pinpoint precisely your needs (and actions to be taken) to overcome your ailments and lead a life of optimum health. I have treated thousands of people with many different illnesses and being a trained and experienced counselor I am also able to provide you with that extra support and guidance to help you achieve your desired health and overall well-being goals."

I have successfully treated the following:

                • Sinus, Hay Fever & Allergies
                • Digestive Complaints
                • Skin Complaints
                • Menstrual Problems - PMS, Menstrual Pain, Fertility and other
                • Menopausal Health & Well-Being
                • All Children's Health Issues - especially ENT, Skin, High Sensitivity & Emotional Well-Being
                • Headache/Migraine
                • Immune Problems & Disorders
                • Arthritis & Rheumatic Complaints
                • Anxiety & Nervous Tension
                • Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP's)**
                • Depression & Fatigue
                • Stress Related Health Problems

** "I have a special interest in working with Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). If you are an HSP you will process information and reflect on it more deeply. And if you notice so much at once, you will naturally become more easily over-stimulated (often overwhelmed) when things around you become more intense, complex, chaotic or are just new to you. Your high sensitivity can also manifest on a physical level, e.g. to certain foods and/or the environment. HSP's makeup about a fifth of the population (but over half of my private practice), the same number of males as females. It is not a 'condition', it is a NORMAL human trait. Being an HSP myself, I gain great satisfaction from assissting other HSP's - adults and children - to live healthy, enjoyable and productive lives which make room for their sensitivity and respect their depth of feeling and perception." 

Mark lectured part time for 14 years in Homeopathy, Tissue Salt Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy and Naturopathic Philosophy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (Melbourne) from which he graduated in 1984. Mark has had five books published* and conducted formal research at Victoria University in the Natural Therapies area. Earlier he had completed a Bachelor of Biological Sciences at La Trobe University and has since completed and obtained his Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) from Swinburne University.

*Contact the centre or purchase on line ( any of the Mark's publications.


I use the following health modalities in my practice:

                • Naturopathy
                • Homeopathy
                • Flower Essence Therapy
                • Iridology
                • Herbal Medicine & Nutrition
                • Counselling

The natural remedies used in my practice:

  • Are completely safe & without side-effects – Non-Toxic
  • Assist the body to heal itself – Non-Habit Forming
  • Encourage the body to function at its optimum (not just be symptom free) – Improve Health & Well-Being

Natural medicines are chosen on an individual basis and often in a very different way to pharmaceutical drugs.


The body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself. Methods used by Naturopaths to overcome illness are therefore those that restore and promote the body’s own normal and OPTIMUM function. To this end a Naturopath provides advice, guidance and natural medicines after assessing the client’s diet, lifestyle, and general state of their well-being.


The iris gives the trained and experienced Iridologist great ‘insight’ into the physical, emotional and mental constitutional make up of an individual. It is not a medical diagnostic tool, however, the pre-disposing factors for a medical illness will be evident – such signs can be recognised in the iris well (often years) before the symptoms of medical disease is diagnosed. The iris not only displays the individual’s inherent strengths and vulnerabilities but also the presence and location of inflammation, organ ‘stress’, specifici requirements for optimum digestion, the vitality and state of the nervous system, acid/alkaline levels, mineral needs and the degree to which the patient is responding to current treatment.

Naturopath & Counsellor

1st Naturopathic Consultation ..............$135.00
Subsequent Consultations....................$90.00

Phone Consultations Available

Counselling Session (1 hour)...............$135.00 (Couples $170)

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Bachelor of Applied Science - Naturopathy (Southern School of Natural Therapies)
Bachelor of Biological Sciences (La Trobe University)
Master of Social Science - Human Relations/Counselling (Swinburne University)
Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research (Victoria University)
Specialist Course in Couples Counselling (RAV)

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